Ramping up

One of the key things that drove our success last year was executing our rate increases. That will be just as important this year. Another sign that we’re right on track for 2013 came this week as the first 777 at the new 8.3 per month rate (100 per year) rolled out of the factory.


The first 777 built at the new 8.3 rate rolls out of the Everett factory earlier this week. All photos by Matt Thompson.

This airplane is a 777 Freighter that will be delivered next month to Korean Air. But it’s what’s going on behind the scenes that offers the most exciting news.


The 777 factory is a well-oiled machine with some of the best production metrics it’s ever seen. We’re turning over our inventory more than twice a month as airplanes go down the line. Employee teams helped develop some time saving ideas that have been instrumental in the rate ramp. When you combine that with some new technology, it really is a game changer for the program.


Comments (3)

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

At this production pace, the wait process will not be very long, 100 777s a year is very significant, a very good number for fifty-two Mondays!

Chris Ruiz (Monterrey, Mexico):

Kudos to Boeing for their attitud towards safety. I'm sure they will be rewarded with a grand 787 and a great public backing.


Chuck (Bremerton, WA):

One 777 every three days. I love Boeing.

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