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I’ve always said that Boeing’s success is owed to our people, our products and our customers. And our customers are sharing some 787 success stories of their own.

This week, Qatar Airways launched the first-ever commercial flight of a 787 to Switzerland. It’s part of the airline’s European expansion of its Dreamliner service to Zurich, Munich and Frankfurt.

“In addition to introducing new routes, we are also relentlessly focused on improving the passenger experience when travelling with Qatar Airways. This is why there is so much hype around our Boeing 787 - it offers the travelling public a second-to-none flying experience straight through from comfort, to entertainment to gastronomy,” said Akbar Al Baker, Chief Executive Officer of Qatar.


One of Qatar’s 787s during a test flight.

Just last week, ANA launched its new 787 service between Tokyo and San Jose. ANA Chairman of the Board Yoji Ohashi said: “We are confident about the Dreamliner. We still believe this is a good aircraft. As the launch carrier, we believe this is our destiny.” More photos from the event are here.


A crowd gathers in San Jose to celebrate ANA’s new 787 service.

And tomorrow, LOT begins 787 service into Chicago— marking the first 787 transatlantic flight by a European carrier.


First 787 delivery to LOT.

Demand for 787 service at Norwegian Air Shuttle is so high, the airline’s website was overwhelmed when it started taking reservations for flights out of Oslo and Stockholm to New York’s JFK Airport.

“When we opened for sale, our website crashed,” said Norwegian Chief Executive Officer Bjorn Kjos.


Norwegian CEO Bjorn Kjos in the flight deck of the 787 during last year’s Dream Tour stop in Oslo.

Since its first 787 delivery in August of last year, Ethiopian Airlines has logged 5,560 flight hours with its fleet of four Dreamliners. They tell us they’re pleased with the airplane’s performance—and passengers love it too.

“The Dreamliner is a highly capable and safe aircraft, which has enabled Ethiopian to enhance its service. The feedback from our passengers has been overwhelmingly positive and in some instances contributed to higher than expected passenger load factors on routes it has been deployed,” said Tewolde Gebremariam, CEO of Ethiopian.


First 787 delivery to Ethiopian.

We thank all of our customers for standing behind the 787. We’re proud of your success and can’t wait to add more Dreamliners to your fleet.

Comments (3)

Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

Randy, Enjoy

Two Songs for your Consideration this week.

For the City of San Jose and ANA's Put your ear phones on and fly with this one:

Dionne Warwick, "Do you Know The Way to San Jose"

Same Thing For The City of San Diego, and JAL, but from Lindberg Field.

"Christopher Cross, Sailing"

I'll have my 787, Sans Earphones!

Frank (NYC):

Randy, I understand the need to pull the positives from the 787 story as a whole but the latest escalation of less than positive events from Japan would make me nervous about travelling on this airplane currently.

For JAL and ANA to completely ground their fleets due to more fuel leaks and smoke in the cockpit on the ANA 787, is disasterous for Boeing. This has sure been a week to forget in the life of this model. My concern is what does the company recommend to the likes of LOT, Air India, Qatar & Ethiopian Airlines etc. Do Boeing recommend all 787s be grounded until such time as the FAA reviews working practices? I feel very disillusioned right now

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Hopefully the airlines and the passengers will find confidence in the 787 once again and soon when the battery problems and other issues are resolved. Though the 787 has been grounded it is not the first plane to have significant issues and I think passengers within time will find the 787 to be a great and reliable plane.

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