The Power of 12

As one incredible season comes to an end for the Seattle Seahawks, I wanted to take a moment to congratulate them. Prior to yesterday’s game, a giant 12th Man flag was draped over our 737 factory in Renton—just part of the amazing energy that had all of Western Washington (and beyond) cheering.


Our Renton factory proudly shows its colors.

I’m a huge fan of the team and got the chance to enjoy a game in person this season with my son Joel.


My son Joel enjoying a game at CenturyLink Field.

All of us at Boeing are proud of what the Seahawks accomplished this season, but even more proud of what we’ve achieved together as partners — corporate leaders, dedicated volunteers, exemplary players and generous employees coming together to make the places we call home healthy, vibrant and safe.


Boeing employees celebrate after draping the Seahawks flag from the roof of the 737 factory. Jim Anderson photo.


Marian Lockhart photo.

Thanks for a great ride Hawks! We can’t wait until next season and look forward to working together in 2013.

Comments (3)

Karl Leigh (Issaquah):

Thanks Boeing, Randy, and GO HAWKS - what a fun ride!

Thad (Birmingham,AL):

As a NW resident living in the South, I miss the Seahawks more than anything. Great to see support from Boeing and all of us in Hawks nation!

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Cant say the same for my Silver and Blacks but Congrats to the Hawks on a good season.

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