New heights for the 777

I wanted to share a couple of pictures of the airplane that took our 777 program to new heights. The first 777 built at the increased production rate of 8.3 per month, or 100 per year, has now been delivered.


The first 777 built at the rate of 8.3 per month has been delivered to Korean Air. Photos by Ed Turner.

The airplane, a 777 Freighter, was delivered to Korean Air. We started building at the new rate back in October when the first airplane parts entered the Everett factory. And I can tell you that the health of the production line has remained strong during the transition.


In the past 32 months, the 777 program has increased rate two times. First from five to seven in 2011— and now going beyond that to an all-time-high rate of 8.3 airplanes per month.

Congratulations to the entire 777 team.

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Mike Whitney (Manchester, UK):

The B777 success story just continues to run !
Compare that to the awful situation with the Dreamliner, and I can only repeat the question, "What went wrong?"
I am genuinely concerned that the resolution proposals, for which Boeing have stated there is "no plan B", seem mostly concerned with containment rather than cure. Say this isn't so please Randy.
Is there any timeline for public consumption regarding the Dreamliner's return to the air?
Whilst it has to always be safety first, there must surely be pressure now to get the darn thing fixed and back in the air before Airbus have first flight of their A350XWB.
Congrats again on your B777 success; a truly remarkable aircraft !

Jozsef Meszaros (Gyomro, Hungary):

the Boeing 777 is a great airplane and it looks like it has a great future, too... it is good to see more and more of it in the sky and I don't think only the airplane is interesting but its action on the economy as well... if only the drama about the Boeing 787 Dreamliner didn't cast a shadow on these achievements...

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

How many civilian airliners especially widebodies are producing
100 units per year nearly 20 years after the initial plane was flown? Just one. By year twenty and beyond I can imagine the production tempo only going faster. All the more reason to begin the next generation of 777 aircraft the 8X and 9X.

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