Inside the 787

We’re making good progress on resolving the issue with the 787, working with our customers and the regulatory and investigative authorities to get the fleet back in the air. While that work continues, the 787 team has put together some resources on a new webpage, including video and infographics, to help everyone better understand the airplane’s electrical and battery systems.

For instance, did you know that:

• The 787 completed the most rigorous certification and flight test program in the history of commercial aviation, racking up more than 5,000 flight test hours and an equal number of test hours on the ground with a fleet of six test airplanes.

• The 787 main and APU batteries, each with eight cells, have logged more than 2.2 million cell-hours on the ground and in the air since the airplane entered revenue service, including more than 50,000 revenue service flight hours.

• Because the 787 uses more electricity than do other Boeing airplanes, the 787 generates more electricity, via six generators: two on each engine and two on the auxiliary power unit.

You can find all of that on our new webpage—which also features the video below from 787 Vice President and Chief Project Engineer Mike Sinnett as he explains the inner-workings of the airplane.

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Joshua Lyman (Haverford, PA):

Is the 787's ETOPS certification a given once the 787 is allowed to fly again with operators?

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