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Working with suppliers to build airplanes is nothing new to Boeing. The need for outside sources dates back to 1916 when “the very best Irish linen” was brought in to cover the wings of Boeing’s Model C. While we don’t use Irish linen these days, millions of parts are required for all our commercial airplanes.

The 787 alone has about 2.3 million parts. Some, like the fuselage, are built by Boeing. Other components, such as the landing gear, are contracted out for a supplier to build. Boeing has a very thorough inspection process to ensure the highest quality on each part that comes into our factories.


A look at the structures suppliers for the 787.

Here’s a snapshot of Boeing Commercial Airplanes’ supplier needs:

+Boeing has a relationship with 5,400 supplier factories, including sub-tier suppliers

+More than 750 million components and assemblies were procured in 2012

+500,000 people are employed through the Boeing supply chain

The new video below shows what it takes to be a Boeing supplier. You can also find other 787 resources on our special webpage.

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