The VIP treatment

It’s hard to believe a year has already gone by. But today marks the first anniversary of the first delivery of our 747-8 Intercontinental. The airplane, a BBJ version of the 747-8, went to a VIP customer.


The first 747-8I ever delivered took off one year ago today.

Since then, we’ve delivered a dozen Intercontinentals to commercial and VIP customers. Lufthansa was the first commercial customer to receive the airplane.


Here’s the first Intercontinental delivered to an airline customer, Lufthansa.

The fleet has been performing well in service, and passengers really love it. Travel expert Stefanie Michaels, better known as Adventure Girl, says “flying in the upper deck has a very private feel, almost like you’re in your own airplane.”

As for that very first 747-8I delivery, the airplane is currently at a completion center in Europe getting its VIP interior installed. Since none of us will probably ever get a chance to go inside, I thought you’d like to see what a typical BBJ interior could look like.


Depending on the customer, it can include a master suite with a king-sized bed and bathroom, a kitchen, dining area and lounge.


Congratulations to the entire 747-8 team in Everett on this special VIP anniversary.

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Cole O'Shaughnessy (Chicago, IL USA):

Unreal. A private 747 decked out like a yacht. Gotta be an oil baron from the Middle East--who else could afford something this opulent?!

Andre Orban (Brussels, Belgium):

Any seat belts in a 747-8I VIP version ? Aren't they compulsory ?

LouE (Waco,Tx):

I will soon be outfitting 747-8 VIP in the near future. 27+yrs Exp. You can view previous interiors

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

With a 747-8I VVIP, your plain is actually bigger than a VC-25 or better known as Air Force One the airborne transport of the American President. It can only be more luxurious than AF1 but the security (and the medical facilities)are a thing to behold. It is a true flying palace.

Ronald Lee Cuie II (Seattle, WA USA):

The Boeing 747 is and has always been a quality built aircraft...after all, the 787-8 cargo carried a whopping 1.5 million pounds of cargo and still flew like a bird...

Stefan Vargas (Long Beach, California):

The most beauiful plane in the world, the 747-8I, still the Queen of the SKIES!!!!!!!!

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