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It’s always great to see the reaction of out of town media when they visit our Everett factory for the first time. But as much as they love to see our airplanes, they sometimes get a bigger kick out of seeing our K-9 officers.


The guest of honor enjoys his retirement party. All photos by Marian Lockhart.

Today, Boeing’s Security & Fire Protection organization honored the career of Stryker, a Boeing K-9 dog who retired at the end of last year. Stryker was hired by Boeing in 2006 and was considered the “Top Dog” on the team of Boeing K-9s. He was Boeing’s first shelter dog—coming from the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)— and was also the first dog to be fully trained inside the company.


Adept at inspecting planes prior to deliveries along with incoming freight, luggage and packages, one of Stryker’s major responsibilities was to be present when a site is swept for explosives. His job is to check incoming vehicles and sniff packages and items left behind. Stryker, like all Boeing K-9 unit members, is trained to deal with bomb threats, find weapons, work special events and assist in protecting dignitaries and important visitors.


Stryker and his handler, Chad Olson, are one of 12 Boeing K-9 teams—plus one puppy in training. Chad says Stryker loves to come up to you and put his paws up as if to shake a hand or offer a hug.


While he’ll still live with Chad and is part of the Olson family, Stryker will start a new career as a therapy comfort and companion dog at a senior center in Snohomish County. The senior center has been the recipient of the Boeing Employees Community Fund grants in the past, and we know he’ll provide plenty of joy to all the seniors there— just as he did to anyone he ever encountered at Boeing.

Enjoy your retirement Stryker—and thanks for keeping a watchful and protective eye on us all these years.


Check out a video feature we did on Stryker’s party.

Comments (6)

Marc Avni (Monroe WA):

I attended the wonderful event today. FYI- we are the East County Senior Center in Monroe. Thank you for all your help in helping us obtain our bus. We will take good care of Stryker.

Marc Avni
Executive Director

Jason (Tulsa):

What a great story and a gorgeous dog. Stryker, you are one lucky pup to have patrolled the grounds of Boeing. Envious!

Also a big shout to Boeing for taking in shelter dogs. Always look there first!! You won't find any better creatures.

Edward (Everett, Wa):

Me and my service dog Armando would like to wish the best for Stryker. As Armando is my guide dog in the Everett plant he knows the responsibilty on taking care of business and staying focused on the job. Have fun being a dog Stryker!!!

ezeoru chinedu (malaysia):

for a man to train a dog means that impossible is nothing, keep it up Boeing, its been a grate work you guys are doing, keep the fire up, you are the best aircraft manufacturer and forever it will be... i hope more of Stryker is on the way. love u Boring :)

Lora (Renton, WA):

What a wonderful story. Congratulations Stryker, ejoy your retirement!

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Stryker looks very vigorous and healthy with his shiny coat. It is amazing what a dog can do and the fact that Stryker was a sheltered dog makes it more special. Best of love and care for Stryker on his retirement from his very important job at Boeing's K-9 unit.

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