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Our 747-8 fleet reached a very important milestone over the weekend when a Cargolux 747-8 Freighter touched down in Hanoi. It marked the 100th airport to welcome 747-8 revenue service. Even more incredible, the airplane has reached that number after just 16 months in service.


A water cannon salute greets the Cargolux 747-8 Freighter in Hanoi. Photos from Cargolux.

Compare that to the A380, which has revenue service into about three dozen airports. It speaks to the capabilities and value the 747-8 is providing to our customers, as well as showing that it can operate safely within an airport environment that takes into account everything from clearances to parking requirements.


The fleet has also been approved for more than 240 airports around the world.


Cargolux pilots pose on the flight deck after touching down in Hanoi.

Finally, I’m proud to say the airplane is performing well in service with a dispatch reliability of approximately 98.4 percent. Even though the market for large airplanes is sluggish, we’re expecting a turnaround. That why we’re engaged in active campaigns to fill out our 2014 skyline— and beyond!

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Teresa (Detroit):

Magnificent aircraft. Congrats.

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Well done guys, the 747-8 is a great aircraft, it's great having that aircraft continue the 747 legacy of connecting distant points across the globe in commerce, business or pleasure at some of the best operating economics offered by any airplane on the market.

Josh Lyman (Haverford, Pa):

Comparing the number of airports at which the A380 and the 747-8 have landed is completely skewered since one is a passenger aircraft and the other one is mostly a freighter.
The fact that the 747-8 has landed at 100 airports speaks on its own as to the capabilities of the aircraft. The comparison with the number of A380 airports does not show anything about the 747-8. It just shows both aircraft address different markets.

For the number of 747-8 airports, have you counted Farnborough or Le Bourget as part of the 100 airports? If so, "three dozens" for the A380 is way off then since the A380 had landed at over 50 airports more than 5 years ago.

By the way, has the 787 reached 100 airports? If it hasn't, does that mean anything about the capabilities of the 747-8?

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

You cant get a better large freighter than the 747-8 cargo plane. I expect the cargo hauling 747 to be in production for many years. No other cargo plane in the market opens in the front, making loading and unloading easier. I think this freighter is very competitive to the Antonov AN-124 in capacity. Great going on the 747-8.

Frank Mac (London):

I have to say it's disappointing to see a person such as yourself, come out with the rather strange comparison betwixt the 747-8F (a freighter) and the A380 ( a passenger airliner)

I can see you're clearly trying to make the point that the 747-8 generally has access to a greater number of airports worldwide but in the interests of fair play, it is not a valid comparison is it.

I welcome the introduction of this marvellous, fuel efficient aircraft, always a he turner at airports but lets not go comparing apples with pears.


Cristiano Arruda (Campo Grande, MS, Brazil):

It is incredible how far the Boeing team pays attention to so many details. I never thought of counting the number of airports that the 747-8 would visit in such short period of time. What a beautiful moment to celebrate!

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