No slowing down

In just a few weeks, our Renton factory will deliver our first 737 at the increased rate of 38 airplanes per month. But in the meantime, we’ve delivered another milestone airplane.


Our 7,500th 737 was delivered to Malindo Air.

The 7,500th 737 is now in the hands of Malindo Air. The airline will use the Next-Generation 737-900ER, which comes with the Boeing Sky Interior, to launch its low-fare service.


A special logo for a milestone airplane.

The numbers coming out of our 737 factory never cease to amaze me. It seems like just yesterday that I was talking about our 10,000th 737 order— and now we stand at well over 10,500 total orders.

For all 737 models, there are approximately 24,000 scheduled flights per day. This means that nearly a third of all commercial flights are on 737s.


Dr. Dinesh Keskar, senior vice president of Asia Pacific and India Sales, cuts the ribbon with Capt. Darsito Hendro S., chief operating officer of Malindo Air.

This airplane just keeps getting better. And with the 737 MAX on the way, there’s no sign of slowing down.


The Boeing Sky Interior of the 7,500th 737.

The video below shows the airplane being prepped for its delivery ceremony.

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Theo (San Diego):

My uncle worked on the 737 line for almost 5 years. He would take pride in knowing where this plane has come over the years. Thanks to Boeing for building it with pride.

Jeff (Portland):

I wonder with the AMR and Lion orders for 737 MAX and A320 NEOs, if many of those deliveries will be made, or will it be the 1st one to deliver gets to go home with the prize?

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Certainly is interesting the region this particular aircraft is going to - South East Asia. The likes of Malaysia & Singapore Airlines, Lion, AirAsia, etc really point to a region of considerable economic dynamic. I'm sure you guys particularly enjoy the contests in that region -- I really need to look at a recent CMO for South East Asia...

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

More 737s have been sold than all the Airbus aircraft combined. I don't think the people who designed the 707, 727 and most notably the 737 would have ever thought that their airframe, designed over fifty years ago would be commonly seen and in production today with the 737NG and in the future the 737 MAX with its first delivery being made on the fiftieth anniversary of the first flight of the 737. Well done.

Melvin Ansa (Makassar, Indonesia):

Malindo Air (and other operators at Lion Group) has given big opportunities to travellers to connect their flights to more cities among countries in south east Asia and even whole Asia in the future. I have been waiting for Malindo Airways to expand their routes to Indonesia and hope it will be soon with 7500th B737 airplane.. :)

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