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The 747-8 program is scoring big in China. We’ve now finalized an order with Cathay Pacific for three 747-8 Freighters and received a commitment from Air China (pending government approval) for two 747-8 Intercontinentals.

Air China also made commitments for one 777-300ER and 20 Next-Generation 737-800s. In addition, Air China Cargo, a subsidiary of Air China, has agreed to buy eight 777 Freighters.


Cathay Pacific is in the process of renewing its freighter fleet with newer, more efficient airplanes that will strengthen its position as a market leader in the air cargo business. Cathay already operates eight 747-8 Freighters. With more than 100,000 hours in service, the 747-8 Freighter is seeing 1 percent better fuel burn than we expected and Cathay tells us they’re pleased with the airplane’s performance.

“The 747-8 Freighter has provided our revamped cargo fleet with efficient fuel savings as well as added environmental benefits,” said John Slosar, Chief Executive of Cathay Pacific Airways.

While the cargo market is weak today, it will get better— and we’re proud that customers are putting their faith in the 747-8. A total of 70 747-8 Freighters have already been ordered, and we’ve delivered 28 of the freighters to customers around the world. This airplane is positioned perfectly to capture more of the market as cargo begins its recovery.

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Samuel (United Kingdom):

I hope Boeing sells more passenger -8s, I think Virgin atlantic should buy the -8 as well as the A380s they have ordered to replace their ageing 747-400 fleet. You can't get an A380 into Grantley Adams Intl, for example.

Mark W (NYC, USA):

Congrats Boeing. It definitely proves the capabilities of Boeing and its fleet. I too hope to see more 747-8I aircraft sold.

Scratch (AK, USA):

I fly the -8F and think it is a phenomenal aircraft. I am also a believer that there are more -8I orders out there in the near future, specifically with CX. However, I think this order is a wash at best. 8 777Fs that were destined for CX now go to ACC while 3 -8Fs initially headed to ACC now make their way to CX. So while this does represent a validation of the -8F by CX, the net gain to Boeing is only the 2 -8Is, 773ER, and 20 738s to Air China.

My guess is that CX will order between 8-12 -8Is within the next 6 months. Deliveries could start as early as the end of this calendar year.

Emmanuel (Greece):

I can see a million different reasons why an airline should replace the 744(aged more than 12yaers old) with the -8 variant. I've recently flown with a Lufthansa's 747-8 and I cannot describe in this topic the feel of the "Intercontinental". In one word: Unsurpassed!

Christopher Irizarry (San Juan, P.R):

Hey Randy, goodmorning from Puerto Rico...!!!, glad to see more orders for the 800, have Boeing fix the problem with the tail fuel tank on the 800i, cause i know they had vibrations while on flight...??

mariano hernandez (Buenos Aires ARG):

Great boeing, I hope more 747-8 sells, good luck


Terrific news as always, congrats to the Boeing organization! Customers know a solid product when they see it and it's no surprise that Boeing was the recipient!

Jon Grams (Colorado Springs):

Great news! Here's to more 748 sales!

kevin corcoran ( cork,ireland):



Dear all,

First of all, I should say thanks to Boeing team for great job they doing to grab orders around the world.

But, I am more interested into the prospective in the civilian aviation strategy.

1- For the short-and-medium range airplane, it looks like Airbus and Boeing are now at the same top positions but airbus is getting more orders compare to Boeing (A320/321 + NEO) and B737 (Max). This will not be changed in the near future and regardless to Bombardier and Embraer attempts to catch up the two top players.

2- Mid capacity and long range plaine (B787 vs A330-300 and future A350-900). From my view, Boeing will soon become a leader of this segment once all the technical issues related to the B787 will be fixed. Airbus will have to face also the (almost) same technical challenges. But, at present, A330-300 is getting a lot of orders bcz of the b787 delays. This segment will be the next battle between Boeing and Airbus.

3- Long range and high capacity
B777-300ER is the only best: No Airbus plane to compete against. The candidate from Aibus will be A350-1000. But, this still a long story. May be the B777-8x/9x will upgrade the battle between the two players.

4- Long range and extra high capacity

A380 Vs B747-8I. A380 is leading Vs B747-8I. But, bcz of the energy high cost, the 4-Engines planes are (may be) no longer the choice for may airliners. Time will tell.

Pls, Boeing and Airbus, do not stop to fascinating me.

Yas (North Hollywood, CA):

Between Boeing and Airbus, I prefer Boeing's planes. May be it's something psychological but I feel safer flying in a Boeing plane.

I do worry about the 787 problems and what type of message it's sending to the airlines of the world. Not only the technical issues with the plane, but the fact that Boeing is taking so long to come up with real solutions rather than just placing a "bandage on the wound" kind of fix.

I'm surprise that the 747-800 sales are so low. I hope that they pick up soon. I also hope that Boeing steps up its R&D (research and development) to stay ahead of Airbus as much as possible.

This may be a bit off topic, but I wish that McDonald Douglas was still around producing aircraft. I wonder what MD's new generation of jets would look like? I think the MD added a interesting spice to the mix. Too bad Boeing bought them out. Oh well, that's life!

jerry foose (Point Pleasant boro nj):

787-8i great plane.was on first flight test plane testing evacuation slides.main deck dr.1 & upperdeck slides.incredable experience.hoping for many more 747-8i orders.


That's great Boeing! Please keep up work with the 747-8i!
If airlines like United, Cathay, and others are convinced, I think the queen will be just fine ;)

Jon Rees (United Kingdom):

Great job on the 747-8 Boeing! I hope the order book in the future will be full...
Also, areas of interest are Asia and the Middle East - airlines in these areas (like Garuda Indonesia and Etihad) are growing fast and they want more planes!

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