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When I’m out on the road, I talk a lot about building a production bridge between our Next-Generation 737 and the new 737 MAX. One of the keys to our success is making sure we keep building Next-Generation airplanes right up to and even beyond the start of the MAX program.

Another part of that bridge was built today as Ryanair committed to buying 175 737-800s. The airplane has been and will continue to be the cornerstone of Ryanair’s fleet.


Our busy Renton factory is about to get even busier thanks to a commitment from Ryanair.

Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary said: “Ryanair is proud to buy Boeing, who have always made great aircraft and the 737-800 has been the cornerstone of Ryanair’s success due to its great engineering and phenomenal reliability. These 175 new airplanes will enable us to lower cost and airfares even further, thereby widening Ryanair’s cost and price leadership over other airlines in Europe.”

Once the Ryanair order is finalized, a significant portion of our Next-Generation 737 production plan will have been filled. In fact, we have no concerns about filling our remaining Next-Generation delivery positions.


Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary and Boeing Commercial Airplanes president and CEO Ray Conner at today’s signing ceremony in New York City.

As today’s announcement demonstrates, there is still significant demand for the Next-Generation 737 because it remains the most efficient single-aisle airplane in the market. This demand is the reason we’re in the process of raising our 737 production rate to 38 airplanes per month— and why we’ve decided to go to 42 per month starting in the second quarter of 2014.

Our thanks to Ryanair for their commitment to our products and people. The video below shows our great partnership with Ryanair.

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Bart (Chicago):

This shows the popularity of the NG. Great order and a fun customer.


Wow what a good deal for boeing.
ryanair know a good deal when they see one.
the 737-800 is a nice airplane.
ryanair will be in good shape to continue it
plan to grow its business in the future.

Ajesh (Dallas):

This is great news but does not take away from the record orders that airbus just got from Lufthansa, Turkish and Lion Air. Seems like very few customers are liking the MAX over the NEO and even all boeing 737 customers are deflecting to airbus. It's no longer an even 50:50 split in the crucial narrow body business. It's instead, 66:33 now for NEO:MAX.

What is boeing's plan to stem this tide? Will Boeing finally admit the current 737 is compromised and raise the landing gear and offer a GTF to regain parity?

Daniel Gonzalezrubio (Barranquilla-Atlantico-Colombia):

Boeing 737 is the jet bimotor more sold in the world is similar with DC-3.
Warms regards.

Romano Pinto (Ontario, Canada):

Way forward, Boeing is the first aircraft I ever flew with globally. The ride was smooth. I was 12 years old and can say this to Boeing: Thanks for providing us safe transport, Boeing 707 it was.
God Bless.

A guy (God):

About customers choosing neo over max is not true because neo is actually getting far less orders compared to the 737 mx order. The current ratio right now for Max to Neo is 65:45.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

I am glad Ryanair has chosen on the 737-800 and MAX, the 737 has served Ryanair well for decades.

Omar Greene (Nassau N.P. Bahamas):

I love all Boeing 737'S. But now that the 737-800 and Max is now out an is fuel efficient aircrafts, I wish our National Flag carrier in the Bahamas, would get with it to go for the challenge and get the newer 737'S such as the 737-800 or the Max's. Congrats to Ryanair for purchases of there 737 family

chase (minneapolis):

if it ain't a boeing...i'm not going.

Buremo Charles (Denton, Tx):

I hope start travel with Ryanair now

Desmond Cambridge (Indianapolis In 46254):

I'm very Happy For The Boeing Company For been Selected To Replace Ryanair Old Airplane With New Ones ..I Hope Ryanair Pick Up Some Max As Well..Please Remove The Old Yoke Stick And Replace It With Side Sticks You Will Free Up Some Space.For A Better View.Install A In And Out Table For The Cockpit Crew To Have There Meals On Long Flights And A Key Board To Send E-Mail To There Head Office.If Boeing Is The Leader You Must Lead..As Pilots If They Love That Thanks..........The Triple 7 Is The World Best Twin Ever.......

Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

The 737 Max has been an interesting study, when assigning engine diameters and engine wing positioning, with its center of gravity forward by just less than several inches. It is a fine tuning effort to get the Max performance out of this configuration. If you could share at some time in the future, a compilation of how the advanced designed wing-let, with the incorporation of all these subtle changes in total, and continuing with weight reduction, through the addition use of Carbon fiber applied on the Max. It would show or demonstrate how each advancement Makes a great Airplane better. I know significant weight changes will occur within the wing box area and some control surfaces. I would appreciate a summary chart of the Max vs NG in these areas when it is appropriate to do so.

norman (Toronto, Canada):

Always fly with Boring aircraft, never go with airbus...

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