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The first 737 built at the new rate of 38 airplanes per month is quickly moving its way through our Renton factory. Our team has been tracking the airplane’s progress over the past several weeks, and I thought you’d be interested to see it in pictures.

The airplane, which will be delivered to Copa Airlines, will come out of the paint hangar in just a few days. I’ll bring you more photos then.


Jan. 25: Renton employees load the first spar at the new rate into the Automated Spar Assembly Tool. Jim Anderson photo.


Feb. 13: One of the rate break wings in work in wings laydown. Jim Anderson photo.


Feb. 22: Loading one of the rate break wings onto a dolly for a move to Wings Systems Installation. Jim Anderson photo.


Feb. 22: The fuselage for the first airplane to be built at the new rate arrives via rail car from Spirit AeroSystems in Wichita. Boeing brought in eight new rail cars to support the production rate increase. Jim Anderson photo.


Feb. 25: Employees lower the rate break fuselage into the Systems Installation tool. Jim Anderson photo.


March 1: The vertical stabilizer is craned into position for customer Copa for the first airplane to be built at the rate of 38 airplanes a month. Jim Anderson photo.

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Keith Sketchley:

To think there was a time when the ball park of 38 per year kept the line alive.

(Orders of one, two, three at a time from small operators.)

But disappointing that the 757-100 was never built, nor the 757 nose used for current production of whichever.

Dow (Portland, OR):

Clever song Randy and nice photos. It is truly amazing how they build these babies so fast. Well done.

Jeff Barr (Sammamish, WA):

Wow, great shots.

Darold Hutsell (Central Point, OR):

I worked at that Renton plant (Tooling / Production Assist) many years ago when they were still building KC 135s there!

Gautam (Berlin, Germany):

Wow....Amazing shots, wish could be a part of this team.....

Kristeen M Keup (Billings MT):

Great shots, cozzie Jim Anderson. Good job. Dad worked for Boeing--one of the first 3 hires there...also in the Renton site and later Bremerton. Lots of history...K

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