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We have plenty of reasons to celebrate our new delivery home for the 747-8, 767, 777 and 787. The new 180,000 square foot Everett Delivery Center was officially debuted in front of thousands of employees yesterday.


This is truly a showplace where our customers can experience the best of Boeing— from a Tully’s cafe to a spectacular events room that overlooks the flightline. We even have jetways!


If you want to see what it took to build this new center, check out the time lapse video below that takes you from start to finish.

This new facility also allows us to continue ramping up deliveries as we go up in production rates. Enjoy the photo gallery below as well as this feature video. (All photos by Gail Hanusa)


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Stephan Gagne (Nagoya, Japan):

Hello Randy

This looks an awesome shopping experience !
I have been following your blog and really learned a lot about this fascinating industry.
Being from Nagoya, of course my eyes are the 787 but the information you provide here is very interesting in general, no doubt about it.
Specifically interesting for me is the development in the Asia-Pacific region.
I will keep reading.
Thanks and all the best

Erik (Miami):

What a gorgeous building. No doubt it will please your customers. I love the photos of the 787 and look forward to seeing it back in service.

Jozsef Meszaros (Gyomro, Hungary):

I wonder if the new Everett Delivery Centre is going to have a website on its own... it could be a part of the main website of Boeing or a part of Newairplane.com... there will be interesting events in this building...

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

The Everett Delivery Center looks like a very modern airport terminal building. The glass jetways are a thing seldom seen in US airports and it has observation decks. It did not take long to build the facility.

OBALLIM HENRY .R (Kitgum Town, Northern Uganda):

What a wonderful idear to deliver your products from
a specious well built delivery center like this!
No other company has thought of this as a worthy idear.

Hmm!Airplane deliveries are clebrations and you have
made it more marvelous!

CONGRATULATION to Boeing for this achievment.

All the best,


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