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Members of our 747-8 team just got back home from Hong Kong after celebrating some big news with Lufthansa. The airline recently launched 747-8 Intercontinental service between Frankfurt and Hong Kong. It’s another testament to our 50-plus year partnership with Lufthansa.


The cameras were out in force as the 747-8 landed in Hong Kong.


Guests line up for photos that make it appear they’re standing on the 747-8 flight deck.


Celebrating the new Frankfurt to Hong Kong route.

During a special event to mark the new route, guests took part in several interactive activities including a green-screen photo booth displaying various backgrounds like the 747-8 flight deck. They were also the first to try out our new 747-8 Design Your Own Livery tool. I know a lot of you enjoyed the 787 version of this online tool, and I know you’ll get a kick out of the 747-8 version. Dozens of people have already posted their liveries like the ones below.


One Boeing fan dubbed their creation the “Freedom Liner.”


Here’s one called “Black Knight.”

By the way, Hong Kong joins four other worldwide destinations - Washington D.C., Los Angeles, New Delhi and Bangalore, India— served by Lufthansa’s Intercontinentals.

On a final note, a see-through 1/20th scale model of the 747-8 Intercontinental will be in Hong Kong this coming Saturday, April 20. We’ll have it set up for the public to take a look at what airlines can do with the interior. Anyone in Hong Kong can check it out as the Peak Galleria’s Green Terrace observation deck between 10am and 4pm.


This may be the start of a mini world tour for this model— so stay tuned for details on our social media channels.

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tom pang (hong kong):

wow! hope to see the detailed model soon!

Scratch (Hong Kong, PRC):

Congrats to Boeing and Lufthansa!

I can attest first hand that the B747-8 programme has come along quite nicely over the last 18 months. The airplane is the perfect mix of floor space, baggage/cargo volume, range, and 77W beating economics for seating over approximately 350 passengers. The efficiency keeps getting better as Boeing makes the aircraft lighter and improves the flight control settings in cruise. GE will soon begin improving the engines (PiP) back to the original specs. The FMC enhancements have been substantial.

It will not be a surprise if a well renowned Asian carrier announces a large order for the B747-8I. Perhaps that will happen this year, and maybe even from Hong Kong. When it does, many more are likely to follow. The airplane has no competitor from 350-450 seats until the 77X is comes out, and even it just nibbles on the lower end of that market.

Yes, the Queen of the Skies has a couple more decades left in her!

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