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Now that I’m back home after visiting 787 customers overseas, I wanted to congratulate ANA on a significant development over the weekend. Just a few hours after I flew on the first Dreamliner to resume commercial service with Ethiopian Airlines (separate blog entry below), ANA completed a 787 proving flight around Tokyo on Sunday.


The first ANA 787 outfitted with the new battery system returns to Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport after a two-hour proving flight on Sunday.

The airline’s chairman Shinichiro Ito and Boeing Commercial Airplanes president and CEO Ray Conner were both on board. Ito said the flight had no issues and was a very big step forward in returning the ANA fleet to commercial service. Conner called it the perfect flight on a perfect day. We look forward to many more.

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Norman (Long Beach, CA):

As ANA has the most 787s and JAL already a large operator I look forward to see a lot of 787s fly when the Dreamliner is cleared to resume commercial operations in Japan.

Andrew (Boise, ID USA):

It is and was important that Boeing leadership flies the 787 first. Congratulations are for you as you lead the world back onboard the best aircraft. The bar was raised with the 787 and a lengthy process was followed by all parties. The right thing is accomplished. Just a brief side note about your european competition. Airbus blinked and went back a little in its attempt to catch up. They chose to backup some distance and install an older technology battery array, further separating its efforts further back behind the 787. Now that you all have demonstrated that you put ultimate confidence in this solution, we all watched and are ready to fly the 787. once again congratulations to Boeing, its partners and customers.

Trapperpk (Boise, ID USA):

Randy, you don't have to post this, but if you do thats fine. However, I received a ton of hits today sourcing from France, on my little tiny blog site. I have several 777X features going back 6 months and every 777x article has increased activities since the news is out on the 777X's sales efforts and pending announcements for authorization. To me Boeing is raising eyebrows across the globe.


Here some some data points of hits just recently from the blog site.

United States 282
France 114
Japan 34
Netherlands 33
Germany 26
United Kingdom 21
Canada 16
Spain 15
Australia 13
Indonesia 8

Sincerely from Boise,


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