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Here’s a photo opportunity we just couldn’t resist. Earlier this week, ZA005—our 5th 787 flight test airplane—made a stop in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Little did we know that a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and a North American Aviation T-28 Trojan would also be there.


The 787 meets some of Boeing’s history. Pictured left to right are a B-17G, a T-28B and ZA005.

Our ground operations team in Albuquerque realized it was the perfect opportunity for a Boeing family photo (North American Aviation became a part of Boeing in 1996). The B-17 is owned by the Experimental Aircraft Association of Oshkosh, Wisconsin and was on its way to California to perform in air shows. The T-28 is a T-28B that was produced in 1955 and served as a Marine training aircraft. It is currently owned by Ronald Tarrson of Santa Fe, New Mexico and is operated by the North American Training Command LLC, a T-28 flight school in New Mexico.


By the way, ZA005 made its way to Hawaii late this week. It’s all part of tests related to demonstrating the performance of engine improvements provided by General Electric.

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Nancy (Longacres):

How perfectly photogenic!! Always great to see Boeing's past with the newest member of the family. Thank you Randy!!

Terrence Ragasa (Manila, Philippines):

Nice looking photo!!! Just wondering, can you guys bring the 787 here to manila for a demo??? Hehe wish we could see one flying or friendly skies.

Adolfo A. Pedregosa (Hong Kong):

Hooray for the T-28. One of my most admired aircraft and was made by Boeing.

Lynn (Atlanta):

Kudos to whoever thought of taking a picture of these beauties. What a classic photo. Thanks for sharing.

Richard Kahmann (Kona, Hawaii):

Just saw the 787 here in Kona. What a beautiful airplane.

Paul Lilienthal (hamburg Pa.):

I though the B 17 was a big airplane when we flue out of England during WWII in the 8th Army Air Force.
It is still a beautiful airplane. It would take a whole Sqd of B17s to cover the sky of the 787. Great pictures.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

I didn't even notice the T-28 Trojan until I read the description, well camouflaged with the ground and sky.
This has to be one of the great photos particularly the top one. Seventy years of progress in one shot.

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