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While the 787 has had many milestones, the one today is something we’ve all been waiting for. With Captain Heather Ross at the controls, 787 Line Number 86 for LOT Polish Airlines completed the final certification test for our new battery system with a 1 hour and 49 minute flight out of Paine Field.


Line Number 86 takes off today for the final certification test of our new battery system.

The crew tells us the certification demonstration plan was straightforward and the flight was uneventful. The purpose of the test was to demonstrate that the new battery system performs as we intended during normal and non-normal flight conditions.

We’ll now begin the process of turning in all the final certification materials to the FAA. If the FAA needs additional information, we stand ready to deliver it.

I want to once again thank our customers for their support during this process—as well as every member of the Boeing team for their tireless work to reach this very important point. Captain Ross perhaps said it best after today’s flight: “It feels great knowing that we are one step closer to helping our customers get their airplanes back in service.”

You can check out video of today’s takeoff below.

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vaidya sethuraman (chicago ,IL):

congratualtions,hope now FAA will move fast ,and clear the planes for flights again ;and the 787 program gets back on track.
Well done Boeing in spite of some very negative press for last three months.
all the best.

Andy Ross (London, UK):

Absolutely fantastic news.

It's great that everything went so well, and our beloved 787 will soon be certified once again to fly the travelling public.

I have always had 100% faith in Boeing and their airplanes.

Great job done by everyone involved in sorting out the issues with the 787.

I hope the CEO of Boeing will pay you all a nice bonus for your hard work and dedication.

Well done !!

Nahid (Dhaka, Bangladesh):

I just hope that this great aircraft get in sky very soon where it belongs....

& Can't wait to see this engineering masterpiece in the livery of Biman Bangladesh Airlines....

john rivera (mississauga):

Nice plane


Well done!

I am always happiest flying BOEING! What a splendid record you guys have!

Nikolay Klimchuk (New York):

Great to see 787 back in the air! Hopefully regular schedules will be updated soon with 787 flights once again.

As root cause still known how this flight proves reliability in case of emergency similar to ANA 787 on Jan.16 ? Were there ground tests simulating short circuit in one cell?

Wayne Morgan (Mill Creek WA):

The most Technological advanced and Sophisticated Aeroplane Created.It will Indiscriminately corner the market in the years to come.

Grahame Hutchison (Sydney, Australia):

After visiting the Dreamliner production line back in October 2012, I have been following the "battery" issue with great interest. I have been amazed at the immense effort that Boeing has undertaken to get the Dreamliner back in the air. Without an absolute cause identified, Boeing have come up with a solution that covers off the broadest range of possible sources, always with safety as a priority. Well done to all the Boeing staff involved, and I look forward to seeing the Dreamliner in Australian skies very soon.
PS: I feel very privileged to have sat in the left seat of ZA001, and onboard ZA003 - very impressive.

German Lopez (Kissimmee FL):

I glad u guy fix the problem in the B787. I work in
The airline industry and I all ways tell my coils you
Guys make the best planes on the planet.
Good luck whit new planes come in the future.

Kerry Hartford (Detroit Michigan ):

Great news let's get her in the wild blue yonder where she belongs congratulations Boeing team looking forward to experiencing the 787 in the very near future .....

George M (Long Island, NY):

Great news! I hope to see the 787 back in the air ASAP and I am still looking forward to the opportunity to fly on one. Godspeed to the 787 and all who fly on her.

Sparsh (New Delhi):

Just two words...

Czesia Wieruszewska (Doha, Qatar):

Happy for you and LOT

Sandi Caw (Vancouver, B.C. Canada):

What engines are you using on this aircraft? They are so quiet, the practically purrr!

Bobby Linder (Providence, Rhode Island):

So happy to hear that the battery issue has been resolved and hope that the FAA will move quickly to approve. Now if we can convince Southwest Airlines to place their order for this magnificent aircraft I would be very very happy! Best wishes for continued success!

Sophareth Camsonne (Phnom Penh, Cambodia):

I'm sad to see B787 grounded for a so longtime.
This end of certification process for revalidation
of battery failure is fantastic. I hope to see B787
tomorrow in the cloud.

Thiagarajan K Rengasamy (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia):

Top Marks Boeing!

Matt (London):

How long will it take to retrofit the new battery solution per aircraft?

Richard Warcup (Bingley , United Kingdom):

Great to see the 787 flying again
hope the FAA give the certification soon so we can see it flying in comercial service again very soon

sunil kumar yadav (india):

great work done by engineers & great news for boeing, at last smart bird again back to their way...

Larry (Portland):

Best news I've heard all week. I'm hoping for a quick return to flight.

David Rhyne (Riyadh, KSA):


Unfortunate that a SUB-CONTRACTOR'S product caused all this.

That said, I will continue to put Yuasa batteries in all my motorcycles regardless of their composition and I will continue to fly and sell Boeing products!

Can't wait to try out the biz section on one of these rigs!

Greasy side down..

Martin Wilkins (Orem, Utah, U.S.A.):

Great News! get the whole fleet out there! become the no comparison world leader in aircraft!

Russell faber (walnut CA):

Well done to the whole team great job

Insek Manayon (Philippines):

For me using another birds for testing cannot be discover the root cause of battery burn. Why boeing did not used the ANA/JAL Boeing 787 who suffer battery burn for testing.
In my own observation their is a lot of electrical fault to be discover in boeing new birds.

Leon Vieira (Bogota , Colombia):


Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Another step closer until the 787 is back in the skies. It won't be long now until the Dreamliners are back up in the sky and when they are, we will see plenty of them.

Mike Whitney (Manchester, UK):

Fantastic to see the Dreamliner back in the air, and what a timely ringing endorsement of the 787 program in British Airways' recent top up order !

Randy, please would you clarify; are the modifications solely involved in improved containment of fire risk and thermal runaway, or have Boeing identified the definitive cause of the two incidents which caused the grounding and have therefore come up with a solution to prevent such incidents occurring again?

There seems to be plenty of ambiguity in media reports over whether this is CONTAINMENT or PREVENTION AND SOLUTION of the core issue.

Thanks !

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