787 deliveries resume

A lot of great things are happening at our 787 factory in Everett. In just the past few days, the first major piece of the 787-9 arrived—and the first 787 built at the increased production rate of 7 airplanes per month rolled out of the factory. Today, we marked another important moment as 787 deliveries got back underway with a delivery to ANA.


787 Line Number 83 for ANA being prepped for delivery earlier this week. Photo by Patrick Rodwell.


Line 83 is seen here during a previous test flight. Photo by Tim Stake.

The health of our 787 factories in Everett and North Charleston has never been better or more efficient. And despite the disruption in deliveries over the past several months, we still expect to deliver all the 787s we originally planned to by the end of the year. We once again thank our customers for their patience and confidence as we begin delivering on our commitments.

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Ann Downard (Windsor, California):

This is such exciting news. Like they say - when you fall off a horse, get right back on & try again. Sounds like you worked very hard to get to this point & I am very proud of all the people who made this happen! I've been a stockholder for about 30 years. I used to work for McDonnell Douglas & then Boing took it over. I never lost faith in Boeing & continued to keep the stock & am happy I did. I received a 10 year pin for working there. It was the logo with a blue stone. Boing still uses that same logo so when I see it, it makes me smile. Thanks for all you do.

Rodney (Huntsville, AL):

This is great news for Boeing and all of us who love this plane. It is the future of travel here in the present. Thank you Boeing and Randy,

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

It looks like things are going back to normal with 7 deliveries being made a month. I also like the progress
being made in the construction of the 787-9 and I hope the 787-10X is launched very soon. Well done on all sides.

Donnie Francis (Hamilton, Bermuda):

This news warms my heart as I know the challenges of being a pioneer will be offset substantially by the vast amount of success that will be realized.

DeRoy Nunoo (Tampa, Florida, Hillsborough County):

I had absolute confidence in Corporate Executives of Aerospace Giant Boeing who are all Chief Engineers and who worked diligently in returning the futuristic SST and STS Boeing 787 Dreamliner to flight, and in meeting FAA and NTSB Flight Worthy Re-Certification. Obviously, this is absolute great news for Boeing and for the Airlines who fly the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and for the future of safe air transportation. Bravo! Boeing.

Kurt (Cleveland, Ohio):

This is, indeed, wonderful news! I assume testing of the new battery system is complete. What is the timeline of new orders for the aircraft?

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