ANA resumes 787 service

We’d like to congratulate ANA as they resumed 787 revenue service over the weekend. The airline is operating five non-scheduled, domestic flights with the Dreamliner this week— in advance of the resumption of scheduled 787 services on June 1. ANA has implemented the battery modifications to all 17 of its 787 aircraft.



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imad Alghanim (kuwait , kuwait ):

this aircraft is the beauty queen of the sky , the minute I saw the prototype model & its spec and the lavish interior , I fell in love with it . Hope one day I fly it on first class during may business trips .



Carlos José de Oliveira (Araraquara-SP Brazil):

Enjoy it !
No doubt that all need to congratulate ANA as they resumed 787 revenue service again with safety.
The battery modifications to all 17 aircraft finished and everything is ok.
God bless us !

V V (Montreal, Quebec):

I am extremely puzzled by the request issued by a Japanese pilot association to have more information from Boeing about the battery issue (click here). It reminds me the protests from some pilot associations when ETOPS NPRM was issued.

Do you have any idea about what's happening there? After all, Japanese Civil Aviation Authority approved the solution.

zarir patel (indore, india):

there was no doubt in my mind that the dream liner will fly again , its a remarkable aircraft with the legacy of Boeing behind it , there is no way it could have failed , lots of luck to 787 .

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

That's 17 787s on the move and a new chapter begins in the 787 story. With the 787s going back into service and the new 787-9 being built progress is going strong in the 787 stables.

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