Unforgettable flight

Boeing employees take great pride in their work. And recently, some of them got the chance of a lifetime. Six 777 frontline mechanics who’ve been honored for their commitment to quality got to fly with American Airlines on the delivery flight of its new 777-300ER.


The newest 777-300ER for American Airlines parked at Boeing Field. All photos by Marian Lockhart.


Mt. Rainier is seen in the background as the 777-300ER for American Airlines prepares to depart.

The Boeing employees flew from Boeing Field to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, where they toured American’s facilities. For some of the employees, after years of building the airplanes, it was their first chance to fly on a 777-300ER. They were joined on the flight by more than 100 American employees.


Signing the final paperwork to make the delivery official.


The six Boeing 777 employees invited on to the flight gather with Elizabeth Lund, vice president and general manager for the 777 program.


The entire American Airlines and Boeing teams gather for a group photo before heading for Dallas.


Flyaway for the American Airlines 777-300ER.

American is the first airline in the U.S. to operate the 777-300ER. They now have six of the airplanes with 14 more on order. Congratulations to everyone involved for this beautiful airplane and one unforgettable flight.

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James Baloun (Palo Alto, California):

Wow! The Evergreen State is gorgeous when the skies are clear for a few weeks (days) each year. With the new 777X family members being introduced, the 777, like the Washington state tree, the Western Hemlock, is on track to become the dominant species in its environment.

Ricardo Ganduglia (Atlanta,GA):

Congratulations AA,hope you put one of this aircraft in the route Mia/Mvd soon.

Trapperpk (Boise, ID USA):

Congratulations to American Airlines and props to the Boeing family members. About that paint job: Beautiful, Classic and Timeless. Please take many photos of this aircraft and place a photo portrait done in oils or acrylic in a place of prominence. I love what the paint says. American!


I have seen a couple of the new AA B77W's going into JFK (AA950 from Sao Paulo). Such an elegant plane, and the new livery is very smart looking. Congratulations to all!

Norman Garza (Long Beach, CA):

American's new 777-300ER looks great in the new livery, I have also seen the 737-8, 767-300 and the 777-200 in the new colors.

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