Family affair

What an exciting week for the 787 program. Two more customers received their first Dreamliner, and I was lucky enough to go along for one of the delivery flights.

On Thursday, I took off from Paine Field in Everett on board the first 787 for Thomson Airways. The airplane is the first of eight 787s Thomson has on order—and is the first to be delivered to a UK airline.


Taking off from Everett— headed for Manchester. Gail Hanusa photo.


A great photo after landing in Manchester.

It was a fantastic flight and a warm welcome as we arrived in Manchester. Boeing has a long history with the UK and we’re proud to be celebrating 75 years of partnership this year.


Here’s me speaking with reporters after landing in Manchester.

Meanwhile, China Southern Airlines took delivery of its first 787. They become the first Chinese airline to take delivery of the Dreamliner. It’s the first of 10 Dreamliners for the airline.


China Southern celebrates the delivery of its first 787.

We’re thrilled to welcome these two airlines to the 787 family fleet and look forward to putting these beautiful airplanes into the hands of more and more customers.

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Andrew (Missoula MT USA):

I remember when the China Southern order came in and now its flying home. That cycle means the start of something long in the making, but much longer in the relationship. Congratulations for the new entry into a region where the 787 makes a great fit.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Congrats to China Southern on the first Chinese delivered 787 and Thompson Airways the first charter and European airline to get the 787. No better airplane to go on holiday than on an environmentally comfortable 787.

Alain (Springfield, VA):

Randy, checking Boeing's orders, I realized that, as Boeing (putting MD aside), you have gotten 19,889 orders by end of May, 2013. Are you planning to have some special celebration when you pass the 20,000 order mark? Last year you delivered the 15,000 Boeing plane and, I don't remember Boeing having any celebration.

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