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I’m pleased to announce that Boeing has now finished installing the new 787 battery system in all 50 of the delivered airplanes that required a retrofit.

Six of our eight in-service customers have returned to passenger service, with the others following in just a matter of days. We can’t thank all of them enough for their patience, partnership and support over the past several months.

I’d also like to thank our AOG (Aircraft On Ground) teams that fanned out across the globe to complete this work. It was truly an integrated effort across all of Boeing— involving engineering, development, fabrication, supply chain management, regulatory and repair services.


Boeing AOG teams at work.


Here’s me checking out some of the battery installation work during my time in Ethiopia last month.

I saw firsthand the work being done in the days before Ethiopian Airlines became the first 787 operator to resume service. It was a great effort by all involved.

The Dreamliner fleet will continue to be monitored by our 787 Operations Center in Everett, ensuring the fleet’s reliability and supporting ongoing maintenance.

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fiston (kampala):

Hi just congratulation for your work i flight with boeing 787 ethipian airline it was woow so conforteble

Malcolm (Auckland, New Zealand):

Well done. Nice piece of under promising and over delivering as far as how long it would take.

Andrew (Missoula MT, USA):

It is heartening to know that the 787 is in good hands and back in the air safely. Mr Tenseth please accept a grateful sentiment of success from a Boeing fan to all who worked through the battery incidents clear through to engineering and its production personnel and The AOG teams who make this innovative airplane sail. I am a fan of Boeing for many reasons. Now I am a fan of Boeing for one new reason, making the best better. Keep on Keeping the "Dream" going forward with confidence, assurance and Boeing's quality. Congratulations on a job well done, executed and delivered.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

With all 50 787 ready to fly a new chapter begins and a
long and dismal one ends. The engineers and builders of the 787 have gone through great strains to bring back up the 787 and the new chapter begins with the smarts and tools of those who repaired them and brought them back into flying condition. Job well done... and the 787 success story continues.

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