Launching the MAX 7

It’s only fitting that the launch customer of the new 737 MAX has now become the first airline to order the 737 MAX 7. Today, Southwest announced it will convert 30 existing orders for Next-Generation 737s into orders for the 737 MAX 7. The airline is expected to take its first delivery of the 737 MAX 7 in 2019. Southwest now has a total of 180 737 MAX airplanes on order.


The 737 MAX 7 in Southwest livery.


Southwest’s announcement brings our total number of MAX orders to 1,315. That includes this week’s new order from Turkish Airlines for 40 MAX 8s and 10 MAX 9s.

As more airlines begin to modernize and expand their fleets, we’re proud they’re choosing the 737 MAX. For example, the MAX 7 will extend the range over today’s 737-700 by approximately 400 nautical miles. The MAX program continues to track toward firm configuration by the middle of this year and we’re excited about the progress. Our focus remains on building the very best single-aisle airplane for our customers and their passengers.

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Pratap Shitole (Pune,India):

Cool Pics!..

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Congrats on Boeing and Southwest Airlines on the selection of the 737-MAX 7. The newest 737 makes logical sense for Southwest as a replacement for the many 737-700s that will be over 20 by the time the new 737 goes into production. The 737 MAX 7 will be very useful for many of the cities that Southwest serves.

RJB (Senoia, GA USA):

Southwest is one of the smartest airlines in the world. They start with 737's, they stay with 737's and they make profits. By the way the pics do look great.

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