Stateside service resumes

I wanted to send out my congratulations to United Airlines as they became the first airline to resume 787 service in the United States. United Airlines Flight 1 from Houston to Chicago left on time and landed ahead of schedule. A few of my colleagues, including Boeing’s chairman, president and CEO Jim McNerney, were lucky enough to be on board. By all accounts, it was great flight. As Jim said today— the 787 is back and on the way to fulfilling its promise. Enjoy the photos.


United’s Flight 1 at the gate in Houston.


Leaving the gate for Chicago.


The flight crew for United’s 787 return to service.


The CEOs! Boeing’s Jim McNerney and United’s Jeff Smisek.


Inside the flight deck before takeoff.


Wheels up!


The view from the 787’s larger windows on the way from Houston to Chicago.

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Keith Thomas (London):

Does the 787 or airline offer a ipad mini or ipad in the head rest to use.

Tweet when we can photography a 787 landing at Heathrow.


Aaron Lewis (Toronto ):

Congratulations indeed. Well done both of you, on your persistence, patience, and operational excellence.

Donald (Athens, GA):

This is a great day for aviation fans and for all of us who want a ticket on this bird! Congratulations United and Boeing!!

Raja Yogam (Malaysia):

Nice work Boeing and great fix. All the best for the future of B787 Series.

Morgan (Columbia, MD):

Great! So:

a) Get cracking on the 777X. I have high hopes for the American aviation industry, and you guys have Airbus nipping at your heels...

b) Hurry up and get boomless (or boom-minimal @ supercruise) supersonic flight going, and release a modern 2707 ;) I think just about everyone in the world would love to fly on cost-effective supersonic airliners!

That's all. Just those two little things. ;)

Dom Diego Ribeiro (Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil):

Welcome back to the skies! Fly high!

Andrew (Missoula, MT USA):

The recent events of United flying its 787 has strided my enthusiasm forward so much this week. I really enjoy your comments and photos as it keeps us on the front line of Boeing's endeavors. I always appreciate your updates, no matter the circumstances, that Boeing is experiencing. A new chapter has started for the 787 and it will not disappoint. Someday I may fly on this aircraft, by then, I will know so much about it, all I'll be able to do is smile throughout the experience.

Bill (Yorba Linda, Ca.):

Congratulations! Gorgeous plane! I knew Boeing would fix the problems and continue to build the Worlds best Airliners!

Sammie Johnson Jr. (Summerville, SC 29483):

Extremely proud of Boeing and very proud to be a part of such a revolutionary new airplane being employed by Boeing in manufacturing engineering. I look forward to many years with Boeing and producing some amazing products while I am there.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Congrats on United and Boeing on getting the first US 787 back into the air. I hope to see United's 787 back at LAX very soon. A yeoman's work for everyone involved.

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