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I’m thrilled to say that we’re taking the next step on the 777X. Development keeps progressing and we’re now able to share more technical, pricing and scheduling details about the airplane with our customers.

And let me tell you—customers love what they’re seeing. We’ve also gotten a lot of great input from them.


Here’s a rendering of the 777X.

The 777X would serve long-range and high-cargo demand markets in a larger seat class (350-400 passengers) than today’s 777. It would also feature new GE engines and a larger composite wing for improved fuel efficiency. It’s also expected to provide the lowest fuel burn per seat of any airplane in commercial service.

The timing around the official program launch depends on the market response during our next phase of discussions with customers—but we’re still targeting entry into service near the end of this decade. I know a lot of you are excited about this airplane— and so are we.

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L (Sydney Australia):

wow. so looking forward to the 777x. I am a huge fan of boeing. Way better than airbus

kadrican pehlivan (Iistanbul /Turkey):

I'm a Caption of 777/300 ER and I really love my aircraft and I spent 24 years in the sky. 777 is an excellent aircraft but my expectations for the new one about the cocpit. Pilot seats must be more ergonomic and Comfortable. I wish you good luck and I'm eager to fly 777x.

Michael (Bosnia):

I think StrategicAero were the first to report the 777X Ato and then others followed.

This is a great progress-airplane for existing 777-300ER operators. Unless Airbus makes a new wing for the A350-1000, Boeing has a wonderful winner in the pipeline.

Stan Tolliver (Montgomery, AL ):

I have heard they are going to fold the wing tips on the 777X. Is that so. Why not create a brand new plane with same type of fuselage (carbon fiber) as the 787? I imagine this update is just about like building a new plane so why not?

ramachandran g (chennai,tamil nadu,india):

iam a great fan of composite it is very good to hear about using composites and i can imagine the reduction of weight in 777x

giltergg (philippines):

strikingly beautiful innovation.
the future king of the arch over the earth.

TC (Mount Vernon, WA):

Beautiful aircraft! And April bring another order for the 777-200 LR. One more to go and it catches up with the 777-300 at 60 orders.

William Gumbie (Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya):

I am with you guys all the way. I am a fan of the 777. And I wish to fly it, finishing my piloting soon.

Patrick McArdle (Boeing Field, Seattle, WA USA):

I just love the curve of the composite wings -- it makes the 777-X look as graceful in flight as the 787. More importantly, composite wings, combined with the mass of the engines, take a lot of the misery out of turbulence. I recall sitting between the wings during a turbulent test flight of a 787, watching the wingtips bounce madly, whilst the cabin ride remained much smoother than I would have thought possible.

Bill Boeing was always keen to offer his passengers the best experience air travel could deliver, and I'm proud to see us carry on his great tradition.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

I think now is a great time to launch the 777X. Interest is great and now is the time, the 777X is ahead of the A350-1000 in capacity and is a bit more comfortable than the prior depending on the airline. I cannot wait to see the 777X for myself and see it fly.

Pratap Shitole (India):

Congratulations to Collaborative cross functional Teams of Boing & GE !
It's a impressive performance.I am confident that 777X would be customers first preference in it's segment.

Thanks Randy for the update on the progress made.

Kind Regards,


V V (Montreal, Quebec):

I have been wondering since very long time about the 777-9 and 777-8. The hints you gave concerning the 777-8 and 777-9 show that Boeing is quite confident to obtain about 12% of SFC improvement relative to GE90-115B (or GE90-110). In addition, it is very likely that there would also be some aerodynamics improvement. I estimated the total efficiency improvement (at the same gross weight at altitude) versus the 777-300ER to be around 13% to 14%.

Using rules of thumb, I made very rough estimates in my blog (click here).
The results are surprising because these derivative aircraft are very good in term of fuel efficiency on per seat basis.

Sureshbabu (Coimbatore):


Love and wish to see new version of 777.


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