737 owns the day

After two days of twin-aisle action at the Paris Air Show, today belonged to the 737. Ryanair president and CEO Michael O’Leary flew into Le Bourget on a 737-800 decked out in special livery to celebrate the airline’s formal order for 175 Next-Generation 737-800s.


Boeing Commercial Airplanes President & CEO Ray Conner greets Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary at Le Bourget.

The order is Boeing’s largest ever from a European airline. As always, O’Leary drew an overflow crowd at our media chalet for the signing ceremony—where he entertained reporters while also handing out some great compliments about the 737.


The two CEO’s make the 737 deal official.

O’Leary also made the point of talking about his interest in the 737 MAX, and we look forward to continuing discussions with Ryanair.


There’s never a dull moment during an O’Leary news conference.

Earlier in the day, we announced an acceleration on the 737 MAX program. First delivery has been moved up one quarter— to third quarter 2017. It’s a sign of just how much progress we’re making. To see why we’re so excited about the MAX, check out the video below.

I also wanted to share this image of what our Renton factory will look like once the MAX comes on line. The MAX will be built on the “proving line” in-between the two main production lines to the left and the right.


Here’s a look at the future of our Renton factory. Of course, there will be a roof!

Also today— CIT Aerospace placed an order for 30 737 MAX 8s, Oman Air ordered five 737-900ERs and Travel Service made a commitment for three 737 MAX 8s.


Here’s the 737 MAX in CIT livery.

What a day for the 737!

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Andrew (Boise, ID USA):

I've poked fun at Mr. O'Leary in the blogosphere, because he is so dynamic an individual, and I like his swagger. Congratulations to both you and Mr. O'Leary. The Neo-phytes of Europe will take notice! One other thought, Boeing has announced several large orders prior to the airshow during March-May time period where it could have waited for Paris to make a point but didn't, because it subjects itself to customer preference on announcing. Thank you for being so consistent in behalf of its customers and not sandbagging orders until Paris. That show is for the customers, including suppliers, and it means alot that you reserve the moment for those who want to present its achievement when buying aircraft. Such as the Korean Air and Ryanair example. Cheers to Both!

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

I wonder if Ryanair will make options for the 737 MAX in it's 175 737 order or further options for the MAX will be made?

Marie Dixon (Renton, WA.):

If I was not already convinced that 737 was the best airplane in the sky, I would be now. I know I am a bit prejudiced since I am privileged to arrive at work every day and see those beautiful birds going through the build process. However, 10,000 + out the door says I am not alone. Now we have the MAX. Incredible! BTW - that is a fabulous sales video. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Dr Dorothy (Washington,USA):

Congratulations to Boeing in Paris Airshow!
Too bad, I miss the chance for joining Boeing 787 maiden flight last time. Anyway, I still like the Boeing 777 as its really the latest hi tech product of the era!

All the best to Boeing!

Fabian Loth (Berlin, Germany):

Thanks Boeing for this incredible video. It's funny, it's entertaining, it's showing all the advantages of the MAX and it is absolutely state of the art video design.
Airbus was always doing a great job at marketing their products aggressively to the public. Now you do too again. Thanks for flying the Dreamliner at Farnborough, at Paris and hope to see you at the ILA Berlin Air Show next year with the 787 and such great videos too.

Wesley Delos Creed (Ogema, MN (+ Hsv, AL)):

787 thoughts. In my lab an engineer overloaded a lithum bat, and it cleared the lab and office space! one does not take the Li into deep discharge! On the ELT, it probably has an electrolytic cap which I've seen blow when distresed. There's a lot of truth in "If it's not a Boeing, I ain't going!"

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