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If you follow this blog on a regular basis, you know we’ve been tracking the progress on our first 787-9. I’m happy to report that final assembly of that airplane is now officially underway inside our Everett factory as we started joining large sections.


This side view shows the longer fuselage sections of the 787-9 in Everett. I saw the center section being prepared during a recent trip to South Carolina.

In what may be the coolest picture I’ve shared in a while, the first 787-9’s vertical stabilizer is sporting the new Boeing Commercial Airplanes livery, a refreshed look that started with the 747-8 and evolved with the 737 MAX.


Love the new look!

Our partners delivered the first 787-9 sections on or ahead of schedule—and major assembly is already taking place on the other flight test airplanes. By the way, we’ll build the first three 787-9s on our Temporary Surge Line in Everett for smoother integration of into the production system— while continuing to ramp up production across the 787 program.


Head-on view of the first 787-9.

First flight of the 787-9 is scheduled for the second half of 2013, with first delivery to launch customer Air New Zealand set for early 2014.

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Harald Simon (Brisbane, Australia):

It is a beautiful aircraft and I really hope Boeing can sort out all current issues that negatively influence the reputation of the company. Every new aircraft got teething problems and I'm sure the 787 Dreamliner will be the plane of the future!!

Carlo (Miami):

I agree with you Randy. I love this livery. Thank you for sharing pictures of this amazing plane. We look forward to seeing it in Miami.

TY (Singapore):

I'm not hesitate to go on board!

daryl bruischat (Holland,Michigan):

Looks fantastic way to go Boeing

Bob Sellars (Auckland, New Zealand):

Great to see the 787-9 being assembled and really looking forward to flying in it once it arrives here in NZ. Love the photos, keep posting them!
I'm coming to Seattle next April, which I hope will coincide with delivery to Air New Zealand. Just hope that it won't have all the problems that delayed the 787-8.

Tim (Baltimore Maryland):


The most fuel efficient commerical airliner ever until the 787-10.
Randy ? call it the Dream Machine Sipper because it sips fuel efficiently.
The efficent long range ocean skipper sipper.
Starbuck MoonLight Feels Right.
787-9 Moonlight Fuel Sipper.
787 it just feels right.

Varun G (Chicago, IL, USA):

This is great, finally looking at the 787 program move forward like this renews my faith in Boeing, and how they will change the aviation industry for a long time to come. The new tail livery looks great, and I am sure this plane will do fantastically well.

Randy, when do you thing we will hear about the 787-10 program. I hear that Singapore Airlines has already announced their order, but when will we actually see the specs on the aircraft. I hope that this doesn't become another 787-3 program. Also, when will we hear about the release of the 777-8X, 777-9X programs. I really believe that once airlines have a chance to see this aircraft, there will be huge orders to compete with the A350-1000.

Good luck to Boeing, and congratulations on this huge milestone!

SHollis (Raleigh NC):

Cant wait to be a passenger on one someday.
Good Luck Boeing

RJB (Senoia, GA):

I know Boeing has learned from the teething problems from the dash 8 and that should help the dash 9.
By the way I saw an interview with the CEO of United just prior to the re-enter to service on the Houston-Chicago flight. He called the 787 "The greatest airplane in the world". The gentleman is so smart and correct.
Great pictures as usual...Thanks.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

The 787-9 is really starting to take shape. It is the perfect plane in an increasingly competitive large city to large city environment, a great competitor to the A350-800 and 900.

Katey (TX):

Randy, I agree that there should be more emphasis on how energy efficient this new 787-9 Dreamliner will be. That is a major positive. Like Harald said, this plane will the plane of the future.

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