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I’m getting ready to head to Paris in advance of the air show to unveil our new 2013 version of the Current Market Outlook—our 20 year forecast of market demand. But before we look too far ahead, I wanted to take a quick look back at the month of May— which saw an impressive 64 deliveries.

The 787 program got back to delivering airplanes—putting seven new Dreamliners into the hands of our customers. Two more customers, Thomson Airways and China Southern Airlines, received their first 787. And all of our 787 customers are flying again after the new battery system installations wrapped up.


The first 787 for Thomson Airways. I had the pleasure of being on the delivery flight.


The first 787 for China Southern arrives to a water cannon salute in Guangzhou.

The 747-8 team was also busy with four deliveries in May, including our milestone 50th delivery, an Intercontinental for Lufthansa.


Here’s the 50th 747-8 we delivered.

We also began certification tests on a package of performance improvements on the 747-8, including enhanced GE engines. This package will improve the fuel efficiency of the airplane another 1.8 percent. It’s just one of the ways we continue to invest in the 747-8 program and the airplane’s future.


This 747-8 Intercontinental begins testing our new performance improvement package.

Speaking of efficiency, that’s one of the main things driving our new market outlook this year. I’ll be sharing more thoughts on that in the coming days—and look forward to bringing you all the excitement from the Paris Air Show right here on this blog.

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Ann Downard (Windsor, CA):

I'm always so impressed in what Boeing is capable of doing & never ceases to amaze me to see how far they have come. I worked for McDonnell Douglas 30+ years ago & am still a stockholder. I was proud to receive the 10 year pin that is the logo of Boing with a blue stone. You have always gone over & beyond & it shows. All the best. βœˆπŸ’«πŸ’ΊπŸš

Lena (Santa Barbara):

I will never forget my first ride on a 747 and I hope to have the good fortune of flying the new version of the Queen of the sky. Very nice photos.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

I have never flown on a 747 or on a plane larger than a 767-300 or DC-10-10 but If I am flying to Germany from LAX where I live the 747-8 Intercontinental is accessible and If I want to fly to Ireland, United is proposing using a 787 to fly from San Francisco to Dublin.

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