Flying in France

There’s no doubt in my mind that this year’s Paris Air Show will be all about the widebodies. In fact, all you have to do is look at all the activity in France today. While the Airbus A350 made its first flight in Toulouse, our 787 in Air India colors took to the skies of Le Bourget for the second day of its air show validation flights.

First off, let me congratulate our competitor on today’s achievement. A new airplane is something everyone in this industry can appreciate and celebrate.

We’re also excited about showing off not one, but two 787s during the air show. The Dreamliner for Air India will take part in the flying display next Monday through Friday.


A great day for a validation flight. This 787 for Air India gets ready for the Paris Air Show.


You’ve got to love those wings!


Nice paint job on the belly!

We’ll also be featuring a Qatar 787 on static display at the show. Combine these airplanes with all the buzz around the 787-10X and the 777X— it’s safe to say the widebodies will dominate the news.

Of course, I’ve had a little time to enjoy Paris itself. I’ll leave you with a couple of photos from two of my favorite places— a street market just down from the Arc de Triomphe— and a restaurant in the Saint Germain neighborhood that serves a great plate of cod.


You can smell the cheese from a block away.


The cod was perfect— and so was the rest of the meal.

Comments (3)

Bill N DC (Washington, DC):

I Do Love those Wings!!!

Odessa (London):

Wonderful photos Randy! We are excited about Thomson B787 and look forward to the trip.

needhal (Val d'Oise, France):

Bonjour Randy,

You have the shape on Paris for a week of madness!

I did not wait to see what Will Be the 777-X!

I wish you a good Paris Airshow and once again,

Bienvenue à Paris!

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