Firming things up

When we announced the acceleration of the 737 MAX delivery schedule during the Paris Air Show, I think a lot of people took notice of just how much progress we’re making on the program. Fast forward to today and you can see that progress continues.


We’ve just announced firm configuration for the 737 MAX 8. That means we’ve defined the design requirements that will make the MAX the most fuel-efficient airplane in the single-aisle market. The configuration includes new LEAP-1B engines from CFM International, a redesigned tail cone and Advanced Technology Winglets.


The airplane will also feature upgrades to the flight deck displays, an electronic bleed air system and fly-by-wire spoiler flight controls. Final assembly of the 737 MAX 8 is scheduled to begin in 2015 with first delivery scheduled for the third quarter of 2017.



Congratulations to the team in Renton on this milestone and for accumulating 1,495 MAX orders to date. I hope you enjoyed all of these new images of the MAX 8 and the entire MAX family. And in case you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a great video we put together that really showcases everything great about the MAX. Check it out below.

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Chaz (Charlotte, NC):

The tail cone looks more like the DreamLiner tail cone... Can you elaborate on why that design is better versus the tail we are used to seeing on the existing 737 models?

Elijah Patterson (Laveen, AZ):

This plane looks absolutely beautiful and I cant wait to see on the tarmac of many airports!!

Fabian (Berlin, Germany):

Hi Randy!
Congratutlations to everyone at Boeing.
Just by the way: Can't stop watching the video. I particularly like the music used in the video. Was the tune composed by you at Boeing? Would it be possible to make it available for download? Maybe name it the '737MAX song'!?


Wilf ((australia)):

Love the 737ng, cant wait for the max. Please put EICAS in this one boeing...even if it means keeping the "six packs" for commonality.

edwin (caracas, venezuela):

El B737 siempre ha sido el mejor avión comercial solo basta con ver la cantidad de unidades producidas en la historia y con este diseño seguro que va a arrasar con quien quiere hacerle competencia, sin dudas el mejor..

James Beer (Huntington, IN):

The video was well done, but the guy talks too fast. It was almost as if he was attempting to get 4 minutes script into a 3 minute timeframe. This video also showcases the design differences between Boeing and Airbus. The NEO looks a lot like a "bus" compared to the graceful lines of the new MAX. Keep up the good work. . .

Mauricio Baptiste (Bogota Colombia):

I believe Boeing jetliners are the best ever produce, the 747-8 is far away over other frames and I hope to see it in Avianca's colours

John (Middle East):

Please bring the max in terms of cockpit design into the 21st century! Radical change of the overhead, EICAS and more flightdeck space. (especially f/o seat recline and do away with the bit between the rudder pedals so we can stretch our legs. And remove the small black thing on top of the glareshield in line with your eye line out to the runway. It reflects badly in most light obscuring runway vision)

Have a look at how Embraer (E-Jet) does it. Now that's nice!

tim (Racine, WI):

Great video spot from music to visuals -on the 737Max - very cool - new engineering and styling of a plane - look forward to seeing this thing-of-beauty fly over!

Randy Tinseth:

Hi Fabian,

We did have the music composed especially for the 737 brand. We intend to use it across all 737 videos as much as we can. Not available for download right now-- but great idea on the name suggestion!


Raj (Guwahati,Assam,India):

The narrator's cool!!!
So is the Aircraft;-)

Peter (Cornwall England):

Again Boeing pulls a "rabbit" out of the hat. 747 Queen of the Skies, 787 Dreamliner and now the 737 Max, the 777 is a big pull also. Boeing is the best and I will only fly Boeing, you can count on that.

Javier Tacha (Denton, Texas, United States):

Boeing makes the best airplanes, period. The 737MAX family looks great and looks like a real and powerful airplane. By the way, could you, Mr Randy, upload some picture of the initial design of the cockpit?

Thank you and congratulations to entire Boeing family

Benny (Jakarta, Indonesia):

Good Looking aircraft, in Indonesia we call it 'KEREN'. can't wait to see the advanced cockpit.

congrats to all boeing team

Hector Rosa (EWR/NTA International Newark Airport):

I love that you have created a reliable aircraft however, with AIRBUS already intalled and tested Winglet technology on there A321NEO and other A320/1 types wouldn't it be great to already have a few 737MAX already built and tested out so that the building process start sooner than later? Because I would love to test Fly it as a flight attendant and perform a services test before more aircraft come to service. I want the the 737MAX to come out now LOL...Also you should show current videos or what the Mochup Galleys and Cockpits will look like as well alternative cabin seating layouts to give us an idea of what you already advertise of having 12 more seats available on each flight.

Leifur A. Benediktsson (Reykjavik Iceland.):

Can´t wait to see it in the air and on the ground.

Icelandair my national carrier only runs Boeings,they are strong and reliable.

Congratulations to all of you at Boeing. The Max looks great.

Andres Lopez (Barcelona Airport BCN):

Thank-you Boeing for building some wonderful aircrafts. My Favorite 747 and 777. We see quite a bit of the here from Emirates and Transaero. On the other hand, this area of the globe is a Airbus 320 ground. I wish it would be different, but it isn´t. In respect to what I observe as a Flight Coordinator for a major Airline in this country, I have to admit that Airbus does have a selling product. The Airbus pluses: It’s bigger. The passenger cabin is wider, the entrance galley, which is what you first see, is bigger, and the cockpit area (mind you in area) is a dream compared to the actual 737. Loading capability with AKH, which makes turn-around time quicker. Remote fuel selector compared to wing selector only. Push-back safety pin removal is a breeze on the 320, compared to the awkward location and minimal space in the 737. Pluses for the 737: MTOW maximum is up to 79K compared to 75K for most of the 320 we see here. That makes a BCN (Barcelona) to DME (Moscow) a winner on the 737, because no bags have to be left behind due to overweight and the fact that we can see through the years that the 737 will handle its age better than the 320 as they get older with a better performance index. You have a great product but the design has to get better through the years, and I am talking hardware wise. By the way, the 787 made its first visit here about three weeks ago. First impression: Great looking aircraft, Comments on YouTube: too noisy in the cockpit. If you finally get all the bugs out, which I have a feeling it’s getting to be a pain, it will be a great aircraft, one more star for Boeing.
Regards from Spain

David Ray (Dubai):

Hi Randy,

Great video and looks like the MAX will be a great product for Boeing. Congrats to the team.

Any chance you could upload a summary of the final configuration? Will the MAX also be a Category C aircraft? That will be very important in our arena for alternate planning. MTOW/MLDW compared to the 800? Any changes in the FMC? Can current B737 Full Flight Simulators be modified to conduct MAX training or is a new sim required? Is the type rating the same (737-300-900)? How much pilot training is required to go from the NG to the max?

Thanks and great blog.

Regards from Dubai

Jan Dieperink (Hengelo, Netherlands):

Boeing 737 Max , J,ll think it will be a absolut a bestseller.
Its a beautifull plane and very reliable as well,
Boeing makes a fantastic product ,and J hope that KLM will buy a lot of them
The video looks very good ,Congratulations Boeing.

owen (

Moi j'ai 11 ans mais je suis un grand fan de boeing cet avion est magnifique mais ça ne m'étonne pas de boeing,j'aime la technologie et l'innovation de boeing et jaimerai bien travaillier un jour chez ce constructeur.On est les meilleur!

Raul Ornelas (Mexico):

Me encanta el boeing 737 max creo que simmpre sera unos de los mejores de la compañia .Este 737 max sera todo un exito .Me encanta todos los aviones de boeing.

owen (

boeing vous etes finalement les meilleurs!

Mike James (Anchorage, Alaska - USA):

Congratulations on yet another beautiful aircraft, and the performance improvements it promises. I'm 58, so the 737 was one of the first jet aircraft (after the 727) that I flew on as a young man. Quite memorable.

Today, my business is 3D modeling, and I am craving some more accurate drawings from Boeing, so that I can model this aircraft more accurately. I'm aware of Boeing's policies, but wish we could be allowed to at least view some more accurate and detailed 3-views. Trying to accurately model something like this aircraft, based on older 737 documentation, or the "airport planning" documents is tedious at best.

I hope you'll consider this a respectful request, and consider sharing a little more information with those of us who would like to model the aircraft.

Regardless, my compliments on what you're doing, and continued success.
Take care.
- Mike James

Brad (Australia):

As a former B737NG pilot (now flying the A330), I think the B737-800 with winglets is still one of the best looking aircraft around. The MAX version will no doubt look just as good. But of course it's not about how it looks, rather how it flies, & how it improves the bottom line for the astute airline customers who will operate it. Nevertheless I have to say that I don't miss that frustrating, infuriating, prehistoric overhead panel one bit. The needs of us pilots may be pretty low on the list of priorities of airline managers & accountants when it comes to purchasing aircraft, but when many hours of the day are spent working in a confined space, flight deck ergonomics & ease of operation are everything - & in this regard Airbus has Boeing well & truly beat. If the end product - at least from a flight deck perspective - is just a B737NG with front panel screens borrowed from the 787, minus EICAS, & still having to work with that horrendous overhead panel - I think it will be an opportunity missed. Please, please, PLEASE bring the flight deck up to date with the 21st century!

Stephen (Seattle):

Have to agree with some of the pilot folk on this blog. Currently fly the NG and while I think the aircraft is very well suited for what it does, the cockpit is still a throwback to earlier days and is in dire need of an upgrade. The new bleed system would be a definite improvement. The Master Caution pack drives me insane considering what is available today. Thanks for listening.

Reece (EGKK, UK):

Looking forward to:-
- 78 style electronic CB panel
- flight deck noise reduction
- cabin temperature controlled from the cabin!
- Automatic Engine Anti-Ice
- fwd lav integrated behind flightdeck door!
- flush horizontal flight deck rear side window ledges...
- flightdeck engine camera & gear camera
- reinforced fuselage -- lower pressurisation differential
- factory default autopilot yaw channel :)
- Galley fridge

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