More 787 firsts

We celebrated several “firsts” during our latest 787 delivery for International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) and Norwegian. The airplane was the first 787 delivered to ILFC and the first for its lessee, Norwegian, which will operate the airplane.


The reveal of the ILFC and Norwegian’s first 787 Dreamliner at a delivery ceremony in Everett. Katie Lomax photo.

The delivery to ILFC builds on Boeing’s 40-year relationship with the Los Angeles-based leasing company, which is the largest 787 customer with 74 Dreamliners on order. Norwegian currently has eight 787s on order through lease agreements and direct deliveries. The carrier will use the 787s to service its new long-haul routes from Oslo and Stockholm to New York and Bangkok.


The first 787 for ILFC and Norwegian takes flight.


Photo by Chris Raezer.


Photo by Chris Raezer.


Photo by Chris Raezer.

Congrats to our friends at ILFC and Norwegian. The airplane is a beauty!

Comments (4)

Jerry (Phoenix):

The red on blue skies is very striking. Fantastic shots. Congratulations to Norwegian Air Shuttle on this milestone.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

No other airline has a livery like Norwegian. I think the 787 will be well with a budget airline.

Chaz (Charlotte, NC):

What a pretty PRETTY plane! Love that livery!

Andrew (Boise, ID USA):

Reading the customers smiles is the window of the soul for airline executives. Congratulation for this delivery milepost. Every time time you add a sales point coming true on your blog, it reconfirms the 787. I have looked at the online link for 787 flight tracking, and it is amazing how this aircraft is making a difference, by the number of 787's at any given moment, circumventing the globe. Norwegian will soon add to the tracking. An exciting event is the growing tracking of all places the 787 is flying.

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