Red, white and blue

I saw a lot of red, white and blue yesterday—even though I spent the Fourth of July in London instead of the States. Those colors were in the form of the British Airways livery.


British Airways flight attendants line up for a chance to go on board one of the airline’s first 787s.

The airline officially welcomed the 787 to its fleet, as well as the A380, during an event for employees and the media. It was a great event and I was excited to be a part of it.


Staff of British Airways pose in front of a 747.


Here’s me being interviewed at the British Airways event— alongide Sir Roger Bone, President Boeing UK.

BA has now taken delivery of two 787s. In addition to flying the airplane into popular destinations, the airline says it will also use its Dreamliners to start service into untapped markets across the world. That’s the beauty of the 787—allowing our customers to open new routes.

Meanwhile, Hainan Airlines took delivery of its first 787 Dreamliner, with nine more to come. The airplane flew away from our delivery center in North Charleston earlier today.


The first 787 for Hainan Airlines flies away from North Charleston today. Alan Marts photo.

Hainan says the 787 will allow it to open new routes from Beijing to North America and provide our unique ‘Eastern-style’ five-star in-flight experience for global passengers. Congratulations to both British Airways and Hainan Airlines as they celebrate with the 787.


Comments (2)

Calvin (Colorado):

Happy for British Airways for inaugurating not one, but two aircraft to their fleet!

Colin Cornwall (Highland Illinois):

After 7 years of retirement I still follow Boeing news daily. Can't wait to fly somewhere on the Dreamliner

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