Update on 787 incident at Heathrow

While it may be several days before investigators provide more information on last week’s 787 incident at Heathrow Airport, I did want to update you on where things stand.

Our highest priority is the safety of everyone who flies on a Boeing airplane. That’s why we’re working with authorities to understand exactly what happened—and why.

The UK Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) is leading this investigation, and Boeing is participating as an advisor. We have a team on the ground in London working in support of the investigative authorities. Let me say that we greatly appreciate the efforts and dedication of the investigators in determining the cause.

The AAIB says there was extensive heat damage in the upper portion of the rear fuselage of the airplane in question. But they noted the damage is away from where the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) batteries are located. At this stage, the AAIB says there’s no evidence of a direct causal relationship.

While the investigation continues, the 787 fleet is flying as normal. We’re confident the 787 is a safe airplane and we stand behind its overall integrity. As we learn more in the coming days, we’ll work with the authorities to share it with you.

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Mike J Morgan (Norman, OK, USA):

I, for one, believe in the safety record of Boeing. I have flown on three 787s, and each time I felt very safe. I'm glad the fleet is still in the air and I trust that the investigators and Boeing will find and solve the problem! Thanks Randy!

Tom (Germany):

The 787-8 is safe - you sell it, so it should be safe!
Investigation and first rumors are going on!
But when do we get infos about repairing it?
Will it be simple?

And: Congrats to the 787-9 roll-out and in time!!

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