Let the good times roll

The blue skies dotted with clouds over Everett this weekend made for the perfect backdrop as the first 787-9 rolled out of the factory.


A picture perfect setting for the rollout of the 787-9. Colleen Pfeilschiefter photo.


It’s an exciting time for the 787-9 team as they prepare the airplane for its first flight later this summer. Meanwhile, the second and third airplanes are in final assembly—keeping our schedule on track.



For a behind the scenes look at what it took to get this airplane to this important milestone, check out the video below.

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George M. (Long Island, NY):

The 787-9 is gorgeous. However, I much prefer the older factory paint scheme. The newer one is very spartan.

Yesterday, I saw my first 787-8 in flight, on the approach to JFK. I see from The Flightaware.com website that LOT has been flying the 787-8 into JFK for at least 3 weeks now. I was completely unaware of that until I saw the plane in the sky yesterday afternoon. Was there any type of ceremony to commemorate the introduction of the Dreamliner to New York? If not, I think it's a shame, given New York's position as a major hub and the nation's largest media market.

Scratch (AK, USA):

It is perhaps the most beautiful commercial aircraft I have ever laid eyes on, right up there with the 747 and 757. It is perfectly proportioned and sports elegant lines that are a tad cut off on the -8 version. If the old adage - if it looks right it flies right - holds true, then I'm sure the performance will be excellent. I suppose it is a good sign that the -9's head to head competitor, the A350-800, is rumored to be cancelled leaving both the 787-8 and -9 unchallenged. I look forward to the -10 rollout.

Hassan Gothany (Tucson Arizona USA):

Boeing air plains always have the personality not to mention The reliability .I like all models and their safety records. I am an aerospace and mechanical engineer,University of Arizona graduate

Andrew (Boise, ID USA):

The 787 is a craft obviously built to soar. Other types of aircraft show a rigid looking approach,ignoring the artistry of form and function. The 787 wings are wonderfully designed, as if it becomes its legs suggesting a form beyond comprehension and attraction. Its no accident people cannot get enough of this aircraft. Then proud members of the 787 "club",blush those form with the pride of an airlines colors.

Flying is not enough when you can soar in comfort. Enjoy the moment on a 787.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Looks great, the "dash 9" has great sales potential as many planes of its size are in or will soon be in need of replacement and the added range only brings out more potential. I cant wait to see it fly and go into passenger service.

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