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A customer’s first 787 will also feature another first—a brand new livery. The first 787 for Royal Brunei Airlines recently came out of the paint hangar in Everett with a bright yellow tail featuring the national crest of Brunei.


Here’s the first 787 for Royal Brunei Airlines. All photos by Colleen Pfeilschiefter.

The airplane features a classic styled new livery and logo. Royal Brunei Airlines says it is designed to create a family-like, peaceful and tranquil atmosphere with high class customer service.



Royal Brunei Airlines has five 787s on order, with this first one scheduled for delivery this fall. Congratulations to them on the sensational new look.

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Jeffrey Magnet (Newton Centre , MA USA):

It looks so nice right after it's painted. Brand new!
I can only hope that it will be available in 1/400 soon :).

Grahame Hutchison (Sydney, Australia):

Hi Randy,

Today saw the first commercial Boeing B787 Dreamliner service into Australia, and the return of Air India to Sydney after a 22 year break. I have been onboard both ZA001 and ZA003 when they visited Sydney, and Captain Mike Bryan gave me a great tour of ZA001 (sitting in the left seat of ZA001 was definitely a highlight).

I thought I would share some of my images and video from today.


Video "60 Seconds At Sydney"

Tim (Baltimore home of the Super Bowl Champs the Ravens.):

Get ready get ready Randy and Boeing.
September or October should be the months that Boeing should celebrate the 100th 787 delivered.

The 100th 787 delivered coming soon.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Royal Brunei's new livery fits the 787 quite well. Happy Labor Day.

Ralph Miller, PE (Dallas, Texas):

Randy, how is Boeing doing finishing and delivering 787-8s from the first 40 or so that needed modification or updates to meet the deliverable configuration?

Are there still some early ones in work other than those coming off the assembly line in the regular sequence?

That is, are all 787-8s caught up?

Thank you,


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