Rocket man

It’s not very often that I get a chance to talk about the defense, space and security side of Boeing. But I couldn’t resist talking about our CST-100 spacecraft that happens to include a lot of elements from Commercial Airplanes.


The CST-100. NASA photo.

NASA astronauts recently conducted flight suit evaluations inside a fully-outfitted test version of the CST-100, which we designed to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective crew transportation to the International Space Station and other low Earth orbit destinations, for NASA and other government and commercial customers.


NASA Astronaut Randy Bresnik suits up for flight evaluations in the CST-100 mock-up at our Houston Product Support Center. NASA photo.

While the spacecraft may look like Apollo-era capsules on the outside, its interior is the result of our Space Exploration team working across the Boeing enterprise to incorporate technology. The team utilized LED lighting, similar to the 787 interior and the Boeing Sky Interior on the Next-Generation 737.


The CST-100 interior features LED Boeing Sky interior lighting. The capsule is designed to maximize the space to accommodate crew and cargo. NASA photo.

The headrests in the capsule are also inspired by the 787 headrests.


Inside the CST-100. NASA photo.

It’s exciting to see exactly what can happen when the full resources of the company are pulled together—truly “One Boeing.”

By the way, the first piloted orbital flight of the CST-100 capsule is scheduled for 2016. I invite you to check out our CST-100 photo gallery and to visit for more information about the future of human space exploration. Rocket man indeed.

Comments (3)

Joseph Mitch Nixon (Edgewater Florida USA ):

Keep up the good work boys , you are the best of the best .

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Perhaps this may be the first reusable space capsule in space history for the ISS missions.

Tim (Baltimore home of the Super Bowl Champs the Ravens):

Ok Randy how did you guys do it ?

I mean, the CST-100 capsule on the outside looks small and cramped but the inside pictures looks like there is a whole lot of room, so how did you guys do it ?
Keep up the good work Boeing and Randy.

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