Shining Star

I always love showing off the first 787 destined for yet another customer. So check out the first Dreamliner for an Australian airline— sporting Jetstar’s bright orange and metallic silver livery.


The first 787 for Jetstar rolls out of the Everett paint hangar. All photos by Colleen Pfeilschiefter.

Jetstar, the Qantas Group’s low-cost brand, has 14 787s on order and expects to fly an all-787 long-haul fleet by 2015. Their first 787 recently rolled out of the paint hangar in Everett and will be their only 787 to fly domestically before joining the airline’s international network.



Congrats to Jetstar as they get closer to taking delivery. The airplane is truly a shining star!


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Daniel K (Sydney, Australia):

Hi Randy,

Coming from Australia I'm really looking forward to flying in this bird later this year.

Wallace (Houston):

We've enjoyed seeing the United 787, and this livery from Jetstar is very nice. Such a beautiful plane.

Chris Ruiz (Monterrey,MX):

If it looks nice it will fly nice.
Congratulations Australia, Congratulations Boeing!

David Graham (Diggers Rest, Australia):

Whenever I travel throughout the world in a Boeing
I know I will safely arrive at wherever I am going

George M. (Long Island, NY):

Wow! That is one beautiful-looking bird. May she have a long and successful career.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

The first new Boeing for Jetstar, congrats to the airline and Boeing. I like the possibilities that can be offered with the 787, Sydney to Las Vegas and San Francisco nonstop or Melbourne to Rome with one stop.

bobby herald (olivehurst,CA.95961):

that is a great looking plane and easy to spot in the sky

Tim (Baltimore home of the Super Bowl winners the Ravens):

Hi Randy, another nice looking bird you got there.

Randy ? it won't be long now that you and Boeing will be celebrating the 100th delivery of the 787.
It's up to 78 787s delivered now.

H. Greenwood (New York, New York, 10018):

Beautiful new airplane, gorgeous modern scheme- except for the tacky budget slogan. 99% out of 100%!

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