Our 737 program always seems to be having fun with numbers. And today, there was one number I couldn’t resist pointing out.


This airplane for United was the 4,567th Next-Generation 737 built in our Renton factory. All photos by Marian Lockhart.

The 4,567th Next-Generation 737 was delivered to United Airlines. Boeing photographer Marian Lockhart captured some gorgeous images of the airplane flying away into a cloudy sky. The airplane is a 737-900ER with the Boeing Sky Interior. The next sequential Next-Generation 737 off the production line, 5678, is about two and a half years away.


The 737 program continues to break records, delivering 291 Next-Generation 737s between January and August of this year. And we’re on track to increase our production rate yet again to 42 per month starting in the second quarter of 2014.


Congrats to the Renton team. We’ll keep counting!


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Nick Johnson (Orcas, WA):

It would seem that the 737 product line will see service for at least 90 and possibly 100 years!

The first 737's were delivered 45 years ago. Each generation has sold for about 15 years, and airplanes in service have been flying for up to 30 years.

Even if the MAX is the last 737 model, that means MAX's will be flying up to 45 years after initial deliveries, which are scheduled for 4 years from now. That would be 94 years after entry into service!

Norman (Long Beach):

And the nice thing is that 737 airframe 8910 has been ordered, a great follow up in number sequencing.

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