Cloud 9

I hope you were able to watch some of our live webcast on Tuesday as the 787-9 made its first flight. The 5-hour, 16-minute flight was a huge success— allowing our pilots to gather a large amount of data as we begin flight test.

Thanks to our employees (who gathered to watch the takeoff and landing), our customers and our suppliers for helping us reach this key milestone. Enjoy the photo gallery below— along with this video showing off great air to air footage.


Takeoff from Paine Field in Everett.


Up in the air— moments after takeoff.


Boeing employees cheer the 787-9 first flight.


Gorgeous air to air shot of Mt. Rainier.


Landing at Boeing Field.


787-9 pilots give a thumbs up after landing. Capt. Mike Bryan (left) and Capt. Randy Neville.

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Bricktop Polford (NJ USA):

Randy, is there any chance of getting the Mt. Rainier shot in a high res format? It would make a splendid screensaver.

Rob Gilmer (toledo ohio):

Congratulations on a succesful first flight. Another stunning achievement for Boeing Commercial Aircraft and its talented team.

Andrew (Boise, Idaho,USA):

Randy and Boeing here my humble offering on the Day for the Dash Nine

The Dash Nine

The Dash Nine
Is just in time
Dash away, Dash Away,
Bring on the new sleigh

Its in time on the Nine
The month number is fine
Dash away Dash away
Don't hold it at bay

Rainier, all dressed in white
Just behold the sight
Dash Away Dash Away
The picture has sway

St Nick and the sublime
As it approaches the line
Dash away, Dash away,
Build more aircraft this day

needhal B. (Soisy, France):


Congratulations, the 787-9 is too nice!

Beautiful first flight and nice atmosphere.

We applaud the absence of Airbus which has not congratulate Boeing on Tweeter!
Airbus, bad player and bad loser.

Go Boeing go!

Ted (Charlotte):

This is such a beautiful plane that is no doubt going to be the best of the bunch.

Jhan Jensen (Roy, Utah, USA):

What a great day for Boeing. I have followed the program since the 7E7 days and glad to see the -9 learn from the errors of the -8. Looking forward for EIS and hopefully more US airlines will buy it. I keep looking to take my first flight on a 787 but Delta has yet to take deliveries of any and I live in a heavy Delta market.

I can't wait for the -10 should it be launched and with today's announcement the 777-9X! Boeing has a lot of exciting days ahead.

Randy Tinseth:

Wallpaper is now available for download here:

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Congratulations to the Boeing team on the first flight of the 787-9. Soon we will go from "Cloud 9" to a "Perfect 10".

Gautam (Muscat, Oman):

Awesome. A great day for Boeing and aviation. Congrats.

Tim (Baltimore Home of the Super Bowl Champs the Ravens):

Well Randy ? including the 787s that are delivered and the ones that are ready to deliver you have 9 more to go.

Cloud 9 and 9 more to go until Boeing reaches the 100th mark of 787s delivered.
October or November should be a exciting month for that.

Ethan Landesman (Stuttgart, Germany):


Thank you for the link for the wallpaper! I was going to ask about that as soon as I saw that beautiful picture of Rainier and the 787-9.

Sean J. Wagner (Basel, Switzerland):

Congratulations on the dash-nine's first physical liftoff, and thank you Randy for linking to the wallpaper of a truly stunning Dreamliner pic.

Ahem. There's a higher resolution missing that would benefit my 30" monitor, namely 2560 x 1600 to be precise.

A minor detail, but Boeing's web presence is not ahead of the very select pack in this respect.

Geroel Caguingin (Regus Philippines):

Don't forget to put your feet on the ground on your exciting Cloud 9 journeys.

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