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You’ll find a lot of proud employees around our 767 factory today. That’s because we delivered a gorgeous 767 Freighter to FedEx Express this morning. It’s the first 767 Freighter for FedEx as the company modernizes its fleet.


This airplane, named Hannah after the child of a FedEx Express employee, is the first of many to come for FedEx as they plot a new course. The airplane is 30 percent more fuel efficient and offers 20 percent lower operating costs than the MD-10 freighters it will replace. Enjoy these amazing photos captured by Monica Wehri of the airplane during a production test flight around Mt. Rainier— as well as from today’s delivery ceremony by Gail Hanusa.







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James Baloun (Palo Alto, California, USA):

Hannah is a perfect name for a 767. Hannah means graceful and the 767 has certainly been aging gracefully.

A well designed aircraft will hold its value longer. As if the technical challenge of creating and optimizing an aircraft were not enough, there is intense cost and schedule pressure. The design team works hard to strive for the better solution and avoid the cheap and easy solution. A plane that still sells as the next generation is being sold is a testament to the quality of the original design.

Andrew (Boise, ID USA):

Dear aside from the spectacular Mt Rainier is the indomitable 767 spirit in Fed Ex colors. They continue to take on reliance of delivery through its reliance of equipment. Its no accident that the military needs reliable mission ready equipment and chose the 767. Now Fed Ex receives mission ready equipment from Boeing in advance of the US Military needs. Both recognize its future deployment is the corner stone for exemplary achievement in its mission. Passengers have long enjoyed this travel media. Now the 767 really exposes its secrets through mission reliability and dependability when it matters the most during critical missions. Its safe and durable for a delicate traveling public and now its made solid and reliable for critical missions, whether its freight or for our war fighters. Automobiles have the cross-over types and the 767 that cross-over in the air.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

I know Fed Ex Express Is going to need a lot of 767 freighters to replace A300, A310 and MD-10 freighters, it will keep the 767 line open for a long time. I think a freighter 767-400ER will make a great size fit in between the 767-300 and the 777 freighter. I hope to soon see it at LGB.

Tasha (Raleigh):

Boeing should take pictures of every airline like this. Absolutely breathtaking! The Pacific NW is a beautiful place to build planes.

Scratch (AK, USA):

Good looking freighter! I'm glad FedEx finally figured out that new build Boeings offer tremendous value over their lifespan. I am curious why the new 767Fs do not have winglets. They seem like a proven enhancement. Why are they not utilized?

Adolfo (Hong Kong):

Hope to see this beauty in HKG.

Han (Virginia):

One thing I love about passenger versions of the 767 is the 2-3-2 seating arrangement in economy class. You get 6 of 7 seats being aisle or window seats. When I'm flying domestically, it's always a nice treat to fly on the 767 on occaison. Transoceanic crossings are wonderful with this fabled twin jet.

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