Power of 12

If you live in the Puget Sound area, you know people are crazy for the Seattle Seahawks. And with Sunday’s huge home opener against San Francisco looming, the 12th Man is at a fever pitch.

To show our support for the Hawks— on this 12th day of the month at exactly 12:12pm— we unfurled 12th Man banners from both our Renton and Everett factories— along with several other Boeing locations around Puget Sound. Many of our employees put on their Seahawks gear to celebrate the occasion.


Celebrating the Seahawks at our Everett factory. Ed Turner photo.


Employees at Boeing Everett sign a Seahawks banner. Ed Turner photo.


Everett employees all decked out in Seahawks gear. Ed Turner photo.

Boeing and the Seahawks have partnered together for more than a decade to support the communities we live and work in. We’re incredibly proud this year to have the Boeing logo featured on the backdrop during the team’s press conferences.


Showing our Seahawk pride in Renton as we unfurl the 12th Man banner at our 737 factory. Jessica Oyanagi photo.


I guess you can call this a Seahawk mohawk.


The many faces of the 12th Man in Renton.

As a season ticket holder, I can’t wait to see the atmosphere inside the stadium on Sunday night. Go Hawks!


Renton employees go all out for the Seahawks.

Comments (6)

Lora (Renton, WA):

What fun! Go Seahawks!

Edwin (Portland, OR):

Missing my Seahawks down here in Oregon- but rooting all the way. Love the energy of the Boeing fans!!!

James (Honolulu):

This St. Louis Rams fan just decided to switch allegiances to Airbus :)

MJ (Seattle):

I'll stick with the Seahawks and Boeing... only the best for me! :>)

Tim (Baltimore Home of the Super Bowl Champs):

Well Randy and Boeing I gotta tell ya even though I am a true Ravens Fan I'll root for the Seahawks at least until they play the Baltimore Ravens.
I am doing it for you Randy and Boeing.

Anyway, GO RAVENS ! another Super Bowl run this year.

Also, Go Seahawks !, at least until they play the Ravens.

Actually Randy Baltimore and Seattle are a lot alike.

Both are aviation towns with the old Martins plant here in eastern Baltimore county during WWII.
Both are water harbor towns, and last but not least both were featured in the movie Sleepless in Seattle.

By the way ? I sure hope some airlines order the 747-8i in spite of the fact that the 777-8 has been authorized to be sold and launched.

Geroel C (Philippines):

Shake 'em all Randy!

Could have been better to all my Chinese friends specially Allan Huang! My very good mate and best buddy...

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