Triple play

Hello from Beijing, where I’ve just unveiled the new Current Market Outlook for China. The big news is that we’ve increased the number of airplanes we expect this country to need over the next two decades. In all, we forecast a demand for 5,580 new airplanes for China with a price tag of $780 billion. That’s 320 more airplanes than we projected last year.


It’s always fun to visit with the media in China.

Why the hike? China’s economy just keeps on booming. Throw in a spike in tourism, especially long haul international traffic, and we expect to see China’s fleet triple in size over the next 20 years.

There’s no question that China is a key market for Boeing. More than half of all commercial jets operating in China are Boeing airplanes. We’ll be working hard to keep that business in China and grow it even more with our current and future product lineup.

Since I haven’t posted many food photos lately, I’ll close with some pictures of a lovely meal our team enjoyed in Beijing—mackerel and crab mushrooms.



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Andrew (Boise, Idaho,USA):

Dear Cookie,

China and the Orient, the most important emerging market for the world. A Max effort for Boeing, will indeed result in pleasant dreams.

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Culinary creativity at its highest, the fish looks somewhat like an airplane. Boeing's strong relationship with China is very beneficial and the growing economy and middle class will make for an increase in air travel and lots more Boeing planes ordered.

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