Changing landscape

If you want to know just how much our production rate increases have changed the landscape here at Boeing, you only have to look at the figures we released today. We’ve delivered 476 airplanes through the third quarter of this year. As Jon Ostrower of the Wall Street Journal first pointed out, that’s just one less airplane than we delivered in all of 2011. And we still have three months to go.

We delivered 40 787s through the end of the quarter, and added three more Dreamliner deliveries in the first few days of this month—bringing the yearly 787 delivery total to 43 (the overall total is 92). One of the 787s that delivered this month is the first for Royal Brunei Airlines, which just landed back home today after its delivery flight. Royal Brunei becomes the first operator of the Dreamliner in Southeast Asia.


The first 787 for Royal Brunei. Ed Turner photo.

Some of you may be wondering about the impact the U.S. government shutdown is having on deliveries. We’re continuing to complete and certify airplanes and make them available for delivery during the shutdown. In fact, we’ve delivered several airplanes to our customers in the first few days of October. That’s because Boeing has been granted delegated authority to perform some of its own certification work on behalf of the FAA. Deliveries of airplanes with new configurations or those delivered from Boeing South Carolina could be delayed during the shutdown because some FAA employees retain certification duties for some of our products.

Congratulations to all of the teams across airplane programs—and everyone at our delivery centers for another outstanding and very busy quarter.

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Daniel K (Sydney, NSW Australia):

Hi Randy,

Glad to hear Boeing is going strong despite the US government shut down.

Just want to say I recently saw an Air India 787-8 land in Sydney airport and was amazed at how quite these airplanes are.

Heard from our media that Jet Star is about to receive their first dreamliners this Wednesday. Can't wait to fly on these birds!

Norman (Long Beach,CA):

The government shutdown is an embarrassment but I am glad the aircraft can be delivered where they need to go.

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