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I just got back from a whirlwind tour of Latin America where I shared our new Current Market Outlook for that booming region. São Paulo, Santiago, Bogotá and Mexico City—all exciting cities with populations fueling an aviation growth spurt.


My ride from Bogota to Mexico City. Note the Aeromexico logo on the winglets of this 737-700.

We expect Latin America to grow at one of the fastest rates in the entire world— with the airline fleet in the region tripling in size over the next 20 years. That’s a whopping 2,900 new airplanes valued at $300 billion.

The overwhelming majority of those new airplanes coming into the Latin American fleet will be single-aisle. Our airline customers in the region have already placed 120 orders for the 737 MAX—and we’re working hard to make sure many more orders come in. Our forecast also shows that Latin America will need 270 smaller wide-body airplanes— a demand the 787 family is well positioned to meet. The 787 is already in service with Aeromexico and LAN. Soon, Avianca will receive its first Dreamliner.


Sitting down for a television interview.

During my trip, I was able to meet with dozens of reporters and quite a few of our customers. Across the board, everyone is excited about the growth on the way for this region—both economically and in air travel. They were also genuinely excited about the new products we’ll be bringing to the market over the next several years, from the 737 MAX, to the new members of the 787 family, to the 777X.

What would a trip south of the border be without good food? I leave you with some images of all that Latin American cuisine has to offer— and a little musical flavor.


This could get messy.


Here’s the reason for the bib— beef in chili sauce in Mexico City.


My co-workers were enjoying steak and all the fixings in Chile.


And this is all for me! People in Chile really like beef for dinner—lots of it.


Corn cakes in Bogota.

Comments (2)

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Culinary art as fine as the Boeing planes. Mmm... food on the other side of the monitor. I think the 787, 737 with budget airlines and the 777X have great potential in Latin America and the growth in passenger aviation. The 777-9X would make a great supplement for TAM's 777-300ER fleet as well as other flag carrying airlines in Latin America.

Hernan Saldana (Lima, Peru):


Being one fellow that really enjoys good food, in one of you trips, you have to try Peruvian food. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Best regards from Lima!


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