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We like to talk about the efficiencies the 787 brings to our customers. But it’s even better to hear other people say good things about the airplane—especially a pilot.

After Jetstar took delivery of its first 787 this week, the airline flew the Dreamliner to Honolulu before continuing on to Melbourne. As they left Hawaii, the crew realized a Jetstar A330 would be leaving not too far behind them carrying vacationers back home to Australia.


Jetstar’s 787 leaves Everett on its delivery flight.

The pilot of the 787 decided to let everyone on board know about this—and made the following announcement to airline executives, employees and media in the cabin.

“There’s a Jetstar A330 following us home to Melbourne today. We (the Dreamliner) will take 10 hours and 20 minutes to complete the journey while the A330 will take 10 hours and 50 minutes, we will use 15 percent less fuel, and we have 25 more seats on board. Anyone that says (the Dreamliner) isn’t a game-changing aircraft just needs to look at the statistics.”

That’s the kind of endorsement that speaks directly to an airline’s bottom line. (You can check out the actual travel time according to Flightaware: 787 vs A330)

Congratulations to Jetstar for taking delivery of their first 787. Read more about what sounded like a great delivery flight.

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Jans (Charleston):

I would love to fly on that bird,, especially to Hawaii.

We keep an eye out for them here in Charleston and can't wait to experience it firsthand. Beautiful!

Alex (Portland):

When comparing 787 and A330 travel times you should probably take departure delays into account. And looking at UA, the 787 doesn't seem to fare very well.

Gruikk (France):

Yes, after all its problems, it's great to see it's winning against a 20-years old product...;-)

But 787 is a beautiful & great need for such useless comparison.

Hassan Gothany (tucson Arizona USA):

AS I am aerospace mechanical engineer I like the fuel efficient of this plane beside it is made by Boeing

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Jetstar can open several US markets with the 787 like Las Vegas, San Francisco, or Seattle. Congrats to Boeing and Jetstar on the delivery of the first 787.

Kenneth Armijo (Mesa, AZ):

Useless comparison? How is this useless? The A330 is one of the aircraft the 787 will replace. To me that seems like a very valid comparison.

PS, any idea when the 787-9 will be headed to Mesa? I would love to catch a glimpse of it at Mesa Gateway!

Grahame Hutchison (Sydney, Australia):

On Wednesday 13th Nov I was fortunate enough to go on the first commercial B787 Dreamliner service in Australia, operated by Jetstar. The service was from Melbourne to the Gold Coast, a 2 hour sector, and we cruised at 41,000ft all the way.

Passengers will just love the Dreamliner, the extra large windows mean you can see out even if you are in an aisle seat, and make the cabin seem more open and brighter. The better cabin humidity, air freshness and pressure are all noticeable, making the passenger experience just amazing.

Operationally, 20% less fuel burn and the great passenger experience will make it hard for Airlines NOT operating the Dreamliner to compete.

Some photographs of the Jetstar 1st Flight can be seen on or (scroll down to the images)

Great work Jetstar, Boeing and GE.

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