Staying busy

Just over two weeks ago, we celebrated the first flight of the 787-9. And since that time, we’re proud to say the airplane has been incredibly busy.

Today, the 787-9 took off for its 10th flight. The airplane has been flying regularly, with just a day for initial checks between the first and second flights, as planned. As of this morning, the 787-9 had racked up more than 40 hours in the air and has completed initial airworthiness testing.


The 787-9 in flight. Leo Dejillas photo.

It’s exciting for the entire team to see the progress we’re making. On top of the two weeks of flight testing already in the books, the second 787-9 rolled out this past weekend and has begun ground testing. It’s another sign that the program is on track for first delivery in mid-2014.


The 787-9 at Boeing Field. Adam Tischler photo.

Congratulations to the team—and be sure to keep an eye out for the airplane if you live in the Puget Sound region.

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Rodney (Atlanta):

I've been impressed with the photos from the first flight. Thanks for sharing the progress and best of luck.

Wendy Moore (Auburn, WA 98002):

Is there any way "regular" employees could end up "winning" a seat on a test flight someday. Just a thought. Would be a fun contest and would also indicate our confidence in our planes!!!!!

Andrew Boydston (Boise, ID USA):

The dash nine is making significant headway! Silent in the press, I will depend on your journal for updates. Isn't it pleasant that silence over Washington state is the sound of progress.The initial forty hours of flight suggest the air worthiness is a validation of the extended air frame and flight surfaces. Since systems are an extension of dash Eight systems, I would presume the dash nine systems are upgrades and enhanced derivatives of the dash eight systems requiring mostly validation runs for compliance checks against its longer frame. Congratulation goes deep for a well executed follow-on project. Lessons learned is at center stage. The 787-9, is the dream realized. The WIP 787-8 took the bullet for this family of aircraft and will continue to be Aviation's high benchmark. I still believe Airbus laid up very short on the fairway with the A-350 to save par. The 787-9 will be an eagle on the same pitch.


If these fuel burn numbers are correct, the 787's performance is...well...beyond astonishing.

Norman (Long beach, CA):

The 787-9 is a great looking airplane in flight and something that will be in demand in production. In the more competitive airline routes the "9" is a great 777-200 replacement and as well a great plane for "long thin" routes. A great A350-800 competitor. Congrats on the first flight of the 787-9.

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