What happens in Vegas...

Those of you who follow my blog know I hit a lot of air shows like Farnborough, Paris and Dubai. But you might not be as familiar with the National Business Aviation Association’s (NBAA) Convention & Exhibition. This year at the show in Vegas, we showed off a Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) and even had some celebrities pay a visit.


Here’s the BBJ based on the 737-700 on display at NBAA in Las Vegas.


And here’s a look inside the BBJ.

It’s an important show that focuses on a niche market catering to corporations, heads of state and millionaires needing on-demand global transportation. I wasn’t able to be in Vegas, so I asked my friend Capt. Steve Taylor, president of Boeing Business Jets, to give us a tour. Check out the video below— that includes a celebrity sighting.

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Jun Leido (Manila, Philippines):

Randy, what saddens me is THAT WE HAVE NO 737 OPERATORS here in the Philippines.

Why no 737s anymore?

You guys gotta do something about that? I can remember a time when I fly Cebu Pacific Air, there's a letter from then Alan Mullaly, thanking CebuPac for an All-Boeing fleet ( circa early 2000s ), when it flew DC-9s and 757s. Now they re an All-Airbus airline - A320s and A330s.

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