Countdown to Dubai

DUBAI - Hello from Dubai, where I’m gearing up for the big air show that starts Sunday. Obviously, all the buzz seems to be about the 777X and whether we’ll launch the airplane in Dubai, and with which customers. I’ll just say “stay tuned.”

It’s no surprise that this year’s Dubai Airshow will be all about widebody airplanes. I arrived in Dubai early to unveil Boeing’s Middle East market outlook. We project this region will need 2,610 new airplanes worth $550 billion by 2032. Twin-aisle airplanes will account for more than half of that demand.


I spoke with media in Dubai to unveil our Middle East market outlook.

Boeing is in a great position to capture the biggest bite of that widebody apple. Obviously the 777X will play a key role in our Middle East strategy—and we’re thrilled with the feedback we’ve been getting from our customers here and around the world.

During our market outlook briefing, we had a back and forth with reporters about widebody demand, the growing role of low cost carriers in this region, 777X configuration, competition and the 787.

There’s also a lot of excitement and anticipation about what may happen during the air show itself. It will be great to see a Qatar Airways 787, a Royal Brunei Airlines 787 and a flydubai 737-800 with Boeing Sky Interior all on static display.

I invite you to follow this blog as I provide some perspective and color from the air show over the next several days. I’ll end with a few pictures from a great lunch we had in Dubai. Who knew I had to come all the way to Dubai for Thai food? I can tell you it was spicy— just like we expect the air show to be.



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Markku Hakali (Sweden):

Boeing has shown that they are world leaders in the aerospace industry and can do what the customer demands of the class buyer and passengers want in which all partners are satisfied

Fabian Loth (Germany):

Hi Randy!

The Boeing 737MAX video has been great and catchy. (Along with the upbeat song in the background which I would love to see on iTunes.)
Yesterday I watched the Boeing 747-8 video which is good and really pays tribute to the great achievements of the 747 family, although it is not as carried to the extremes like the MAX video in terms of formulations, video design and animations. Comparing the two videos and seeing them both from a passenger perspective I think people would rather pick the MAX to fly on than the 748. The MAX video creates more of a "I want to fly on this plane" feeling.
Today I watched the 777X video and I would rank it in between the MAX and the 748 video. Not as "slow" as the 748 but not as "catchy" as the MAX video.

Nonetheless all of them are great product videos and point out the unique achievements and advantages of each plane. Please keep creating them.


Freddy Hagens (Everett, WA):

Randy once again a stellar Sales and Marketing campaign. You guys are selling them as if they were hot cakes!

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