Jumbo milestone

For anyone who loves the Queen of the Skies, here’s a milestone we can all cheer. The 747 program has kicked off production of its 1,500th airplane. The milestone airplane, a 747-8 Intercontinental, is scheduled to roll out of the factory in the second quarter of next year for delivery to Lufthansa.


747 employees load the rear wing spar into the assembly tool, which is the first step in the major assembly process of a commercial airplane. Gail Hanusa photo.


Employees sign a special banner that commemorates the journey of the 747 to line number 1,500. Gail Hanusa photo.

The 747 has been built in our Everett factory since the first program employees arrived in 1967. Over the years, the airplane has been produced in a number of passenger and freighter configurations as well as government, military and other variants— including the Dreamlifter, Shuttle Carrier Aircraft and Air Force One.


The 747-8 Intercontinental.


The 747-8 Freighter.

I’m proud to have headed up the marketing and in-service support strategies when the new 747-8 first came on the scene, working closely with our customer base. And today, I have the privilege of talking about where this airplane can take our customers and their passengers in the future.


Here’s me posing with a 747-8 on a helipad in Sao Paulo.

Take a few minutes to watch this video that shows why this airplane is the true definition of a “flagship.”

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Thad (Salt Lake City):

Is, was and always will be my favorite plane. Long live the 747!!!!

Paulo M (Johannesburg, RSA):

Well done -- it is the most successful widebody ever, although this title is almost certainly to be eclipsed by another Boeing - the 777.

Left-handers in aviation -- more common than I thought!


First time was on an older model of the 747 of Tower Airlines from Warner Robbins AFB,Ga. to then Norton AFB,Ca.chartered by the Ga.Army National Guard July/1990.

NEJIL ELDHOSE (adimaly-idukki dist,kerala,s.india):

awsme flight 747,only one 747-400 comming kerala every sunday and thursday from air india,kochi-doha service, via kalicut.two time i spend time for 747 landing and take off from kochin international airport kerala india.great fleet....wish you a long life.

Hassan Gothany (Tucson, arizona):

n aerospace &mechanical engineer this plane is awesome

Kevin (Los Angeles, CA):

Certainly my favorite plane as well, ever since my first trip on a Pan Am 747 in 1975. May its production reach #2000 milestone!

Marc A. ((Near JFK Airport) Springfield Gdns, NY):

This is by far the best looking of the Jumbos (long and beautiful). Nothing comes close. Space of the aircraft is utilized beautifully and I'm still waiting to see the flyby of the 747-8i. Maybe Lufthansa will be the first to send one to JFK rather than the A380.

MY MESSAGE TO BOEING - Don't give up on your flagship. Keep working on the plane to get the best fuel efficiency ever (example is to get the NM to about 8,300 to 8,400). Airlines will take a good look at the aircraft and this could blow away the competition.

Lastly longgggggg live the Queen.

Eng,AbdiQani Mohamoud Gahayr (somaliland (Hargeisa)):

Boeing airlines is the one leading over the world,

i live east Africa i would like to be agency in Africa, welcome to Africa,

iam very interested to participate innovation airlines or new idea or new design,

finally iam very happy to be staff Boeing company, iam very interested,

Tim (Baltimore Maryland):

Hi Randy,

Beautiful video of a beautiful plane.

What is the future of the 747 since the 777 dash 8 and dash 9 has been launched ?
To be honest we don't want to see the 747 go into the sunset.
Got to find ways to make the 747 even better and be able to compete even against the 777 in the higher compacity range.
If it was possible or could it be be made possible to take off more weight from the 747 by putting smaller engines on the outer wing instead of having 4 engines the same size ?
Smaller engines like on the 737 but higher rated thrust engines just enough to get the 747 at cruz and to be safe.
Engineering wise if it was possible would smaller engines on the outer wings shave off even more weight ?

Norman (Long Beach, CA):

Not a lot of 747s are left on the order roster but more 747s have been produced than any other widebody but though the numbers remaining are low the 747 will be succeeded in production by the 777 another Boeing plane.

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